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Cully's Stage 1 HDI Estate ongoing Project
Cully's Stage 1 HDI ongoing Project

Ok heres my car when i went to view it before i bought it back in april 2010
was looking for a car better on fuel and with more room than an astra

[Image: Photo-0078.jpg]
[Image: Photo-0079.jpg]
[Image: Photo-0081.jpg]
[Image: Photo-0080.jpg]

two weeks later i was the proud owner of a 2002 hdi, full service history, 12months Mot and 12month

warentee for the cost of £2500

so after driving it for only 1 week i start spending money on the car which hasn't stopped since really.
my first purchase was a KWP2000+ from china so i could have a go at remaping the car

this came quite quickly so off to read the ECU
i copyed the map file
the info from the ECU reads

0281010592 < this number is the same as the ECU number on the TIN !

[Image: DSCF5726.jpg]

having a friend that owns a garage buisness with a rolling road sometimes has its advantages
at this point we decided to get some standared power runs done for a bench mark
also we decided to give the car a decat

1st today Ive had done a standard power run !

2nd spent time removing the cat by knocking out the matrix then unplugged the EGR valve and air doser
followed by another power run !

3rd spent time messing with maf/filters/intake positions while running power runs

[Image: DSCF5767.jpg]
[Image: paudyno1.jpg]

my findings !!

On my car the cat was recently replaced so it weren't blocked so putting up no restriction !
this may point to the standard 2 box system restricts the system more than the cat alone !

air intake
the standard panel filter is more than up to doing the job as no changes to output were noted with or

without or changing the pick up point

the biggest difference was seen after we did a "Dyno Decoke"
holding car on load and spraying water into the intake to clean the inlet tracts (not through the MAF)
this seemed to release a few more Hp over the standard run

i Believe my car is getting the max out of itself
so is in need of a Remap!!!

a big thank you goes out to Mr Whippy for coming through with the stage 1 map tonight,
have been out and flashed my car with the KWP2000+ took around 3 Min's

now just got to wait for the drive to work in the morning

time to drill and tap the inlet so i can fit a boost gauge

[Image: boosttap2.jpg]

got back on the rollers to check the new map

[Image: paul2runcompatfly.jpg]

painted the dash plastics to match the car

[Image: DSCF6215.jpg]

other catchup items i have done

OEM boostgauge fitment
link here

[Image: DSCF6669.jpg]

Fog flash with main beam mod
link here

[Image: DSCF7742.jpg]

Alloy referb to Gold

just a short guide on removing paint from alloy wheels

ready for repair and priming

i started off trying to sand the wheels down but that was taking ages so tried a different approach

Things needed

Alloy wheel to be stripped

Nitromors paint stripper

Paint brush

Wire wool

Rubber gloves

suitable place of work NOT THE KITCHEN TABLE


[Image: Photo0074.jpg]

place wheel on a flat surface

[Image: Photo0075.jpg]

pour some Nitromors into the can lid and with a paintbrush dab onto the paint that is to be removed

[Image: Photo0076.jpg]

once you have coated the wheel once you should begin to see a reaction, and be able to see the areas you

have missed.
reapply a second coat then work paste in with the paint brush.

[Image: Photo0077.jpg]

leave for around 5 minutes,
grab a handful of wire wool and begin to work the paste with the wool you will

find the paint will come off easy

[Image: Photo0078.jpg]

[Image: Photo0079.jpg]

work your way around the wheel until you have removed all or most of the paint and paste

[Image: Photo0080.jpg]

the 5 minutes is just a guide i found this long enough to strip it down to the original primer

now i took the wheel outside and washed the rim off with water from a hosepipe be careful where the water

is spraying as the last thing you want is paint removed from your car!

[Image: Photo0081.jpg]

the wheel is now ready for repair or priming

Primmed fronts and backs

[Image: Photo0073.jpg]

backs painted matt black

[Image: DSCF7228.jpg]

fronts being painted under halogen lights on a turntable stand

[Image: wheelworkshop.jpg]

[Image: goldwheel.jpg]

four wheels in the house hardening off

[Image: 4wheels.jpg]

wheels fitted

[Image: Photo0170.jpg]

flashed a new map from Pro-steve with rolling road graph

[Image: paulprosteve.jpg]

[Image: DSCF9040.jpg]

ooooww new springs dampers and bush's for the front

[Image: DSCF9350.jpg]
[Image: DSCF9351.jpg]

list of new parts fitted
SPAX SSX Springs S027016 -40 springs
Unipart for (2002 HDI 18mmball,power stearing,abs)
UGCGSJ3079 Plastic droplink
UGCGSJ3533 Suspension arm complete
UGCGSJ3534 Suspension arm complete
UGCGSA10118 Front strut
UGCGSA10117 Front strut

also had to have my tracking done as the car was toeing in 7 deg's as a result of the lowering

for my latest addition to the car is a splitter from a renult megane scenic
remember to run the car onto extended ramps or you won't get the car off without riping the splitter off
fit splitter with self tapping screws, drill, double sidded tap and a blowtorch!

[Image: DSCF9709.jpg]
[Image: DSCF9710.jpg]
[Image: DSCF9712.jpg]
[Image: DSCF9711.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Like your car mate! Love the splitter.
Thanks given by:
other things that i have done to the car since owning it

i had a misfire which turned out to be a dodgy injector so after doing some testing which included a home made leak off test

[Image: DSCF8548.jpg]

i bought a set of recon injectors from Diesel Bob this fixed my misfire
old removed injectors

[Image: DSCF8553.jpg]
[Image: DSCF8555.jpg]

i also had the mandatory bottom pulley break up !
the original and two pattern factor pulleys before i bought a nice new Lynx engineering pulley

[Image: Photo-0160.jpg]
[Image: Photo0308.jpg]

fitted a rear usb 5v and 12v power outlet in the rear console

[Image: DSCF8107.jpg]
Thanks given by:
have also changed the door switch light colours by fitting new colour Led's
thread here

[Image: DSCF9612.jpg]

have had to fix the Airbag warning light which turned out to be the plugs under the passenger seat

link here read the whole thread not just the first post ! Wink

[Image: DSCF9717.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Like it chap nice work
[Image: fe6eddc8-1731-4100-a5fe-1edb853a88b6_zpseeacf928.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Really love the originality of the mods on this! Always been a big help and Ill be following your guides again for my estate! Big Grin
Thanks given by:
nice one sam
Thanks given by:
What Sam said, love all the mods, all the OEM style! When i get fogs i will be doing the fogs and main beam mod Big Grin
Doesnt even own a 306.
Thanks given by:
Nicly detailed thread cully. Some real nice subtle mods

[Image: DSC_0190-Copy_zpsf093f84d.jpg]
Member of 99% warning or your nothing club!

Thanks given by:
Can't get any of the links to work mate Sad
[Image: edit2_zpsbe60b3ca.jpg]

Team derv FLAME and CONROD spitters
Thanks given by:
OEM boostgauge fitment
link here

Fog flash with main beam mod
link here
Thanks given by:
I love your boost gauge fitment, cars looking nice too Smile
Current stable
'09 Mercedes E320cdi wagon 
'99 306 gti6
Thanks given by:
Are the wheels white or is that just the base coat then you stripped the paint
[Image: a6e9edeg.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Its the base coat.
Thanks given by:
It's the orignal base coat.
#2 Moonstone Blue HDI
[Image: 6b0c7309-5184-463c-9f73-2a7b96601418_zpsfdf041fe.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Thanks guys. Looks good white with a red inner dish
Thanks given by:
been a long time since ive posted in here
with all my other stuff going on but unfortunatly the estate is crying out for some attention seems pugs dont like being neglected and used as a daily

the rear windows in the estate have been misting up so i went looking tonight for the dreaded rust on the Nearside inner arch...
which i duely found


and after poking it made the hole bigger


so tomorrow im going to have a go at welding this up!
wait for the thread ive set my car on fire
Thanks given by:
I always thought the PH3s had a rear arch liner which stopped this?
Team Eaton

1999 China Blue 306 GTi6 - Eaton Supercharged - 214.5bhp 181lbft
Thanks given by:
The phase 3 estates still don't... They still have a half arsed quarter liner, until some of the very latest ones.
Thanks given by:
no arch liners that side in mine, and it was the last of 306 estates, i guess the parts bins were empty when mine was assembled
Thanks given by:
Ah shit, really dont want to look at mine Sad
Thanks given by:
Todays workshop looked a bit like a wet one so i backed the estate up to the garage doors and cracked on

[Image: DSCF1247.jpg]

so the trim was stripped out yesterday so today was attack with the wire brush and Disc cutter back to good metal so the hole got bigger

[Image: DSCF1238.jpg]
[Image: DSCF1249.jpg]

now to fill the hole! make cardboard templet then cut out some steal and bend

[Image: DSCF1250.jpg]

get handy with the welder
not Pritty but its not falling out

[Image: DSCF1251.jpg]

coat of paint or two

[Image: DSCF1254.jpg]

just like no one was there!

[Image: DSCF1255.jpg]

ive still got to take the wheel off clean the arch out and underseal the arch but ist started raining now so thats a job for another day now
Thanks given by:
Wish I could weld Sad Mines a bit worse than that.
GT2052s DTurbo
OEM+ HDI Estate
Project thread
Thanks given by:
Nice work cully.

First bit of love for the estate for a while?
[Image: car-1.jpg]

Member of the 99% warning or you're nothing club

2000 Moonstone 1.8 Meridian - Sold
2000 China 3dr XS - Dead
1998 Diablo 3dr XSI
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(08-02-2014, 02:23 PM)Grant Wrote: Nice work cully.

First bit of love for the estate for a while?

yes it is, ive got a fealing it needs more lovin for the MOT
Thanks given by:
Good job fixing it. Mine is worse than that :/
Thanks given by:
I really ought to check mine for the dreaded rust.

You say you only noticed because the rear windows were misting up?
Current stable
'09 Mercedes E320cdi wagon 
'99 306 gti6
Thanks given by:
Was wondering when this would resurface, she's clearly got jealous of the 6.

(08-02-2014, 02:15 PM)Ricky Wrote: Wish I could weld Sad Mines a bit worse than that.

A blind monkey with chronic arthritis could mig weld, just takes a bit of practice to make it pretty.
306 HDi Deathtrap - 130bhp / 220lbft

Thanks given by:
Yeah welding isn't too hard, I was taught a little back in college. But I was never pro!
#2 Moonstone Blue HDI
[Image: 6b0c7309-5184-463c-9f73-2a7b96601418_zpsfdf041fe.jpg]
Thanks given by:
had to do some work on the estate tonight

had to make a new centre replacment back box as i left the old one in the fast lane on the M5

decided to go the stelth side exit route this time Wink



Thanks given by:

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