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306 Stage 2 HDi Progress/Project.
Well bought the car with no MOT and no TAX

A Track rod end, handbrake cable and two new rear discs later she had a years mot, amd a hundred odd quid later she bad 6 months tax!

[Image: yvy2a8ut.jpg]

Bought a straight through and stupidly believed the fella when he said it a hdi.

Gullable old me eh! Got really pissed off with the pipe when fitting as it didn't hang right after me having to cut the flange off my standard hdi flange and weld it on, AS WELL as breaking an exhaust stud!

[Image: uqu9u3e7.jpg]

Ordered a new kit, £18 including vat from pug! STEEP Sad

So after driving round with it blowing out for a few days i thought screw it im making my own from scratch! I then decided to make it with 2.25 mandrel bends which I had from my mg zr diesel midpipe! Handy

[Image: 6uzarana.jpg]

Notice no crushes there! Got an 8ft length of 2.25 aswell to help me out!

[Image: za3ysepa.jpg]

Fiddled about with the welder (which I need a lot more practise with but im getting there!) and ended up with this...

[Image: a8ybanuv.jpg]

Have to finish the rear exit which I want to mark up on the car as well as the downpipe/flange assembly! Hopefully have them done in the next day or two

Picked up a really clean set of 076 injectors as the noise from mine is driving me mad!

[Image: agu3ymej.jpg]

Then next up is a service, which will be done in the next few days;

[Image: u3utu3uj.jpg]

And the car as it stands now! Need a.good day polishing at it as the last time when I clayed it etc it was a rush!

[Image: nutage9u.jpg]
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Looking tidy bud.

injectors are such a doddle to fit on these. Fit some 076s myself... how much did they set you back!?

S2 HDi >click<
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Gave £70 for them local to me, thought that was ok as the only clean set on ebay are £84 atm
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[Image: 9e5uvusy.jpg]

[Image: 5e2yruhe.jpg]

Got the stickers fitted, calipers are going yellow too as well as lions on the wheels eventually with graphite grey rims.

[Image: yme6ubub.jpg]

Bit of progress on the pipe..

[Image: y8uryqyd.jpg]

[Image: amebugaq.jpg]
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Looking good mate! where abouts you from in northern Ireland?
[Image: 20gh7o0.jpg]
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Lisburn pal, you from about here?
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Aye im up in ballymoney, I will maybe see her about somewhere
[Image: 20gh7o0.jpg]
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Might well do bud! What reg/car am I looking for?
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Mine is a silver hdi d turbo #JWO lol. Small world eh
[Image: 20gh7o0.jpg]
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Fair enough if ur ever down this way gimme a bell on this, it comes through to my phone anyhow!
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Well havent updated this in a while!

Car broke a rod on me in standard form Dodgy

So onwards and upwards, fitted a 94k 406 RHS/RHZ Engine from a 110.

Engine got new exhaust manifold gasket, new timing belt kit, water pump and fitted a new tensioner and alternator belt while I was there.

Bonus, it came with a solid crank pulley.

Well when the engine was out it was time to fit the intercooler;

[Image: ha5u5yje.jpg]

[Image: desynu9a.jpg]

Fitted my digital gauge too!

[Image: yjynynyh.jpg]

[Image: y3e9u4ad.jpg]

Engine cover was annoying me with the broken mounts, so got some m6 threaded bar, nuts, washers and wing nuts to sturdy it up..

[Image: egeje2an.jpg]

[Image: 3adahyre.jpg]

Was starting to get fed up with the standard sound system and decided to start with my install, on a budget Wink

Sub £20
Amp £25
Wiring £18

[Image: ugyna2y2.jpg]

[Image: pupyzu4y.jpg]

Excuse the mess, cars in winter workhorse mode! Lol

[Image: nezysydy.jpg]
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well not much has changed with this car over the last while, except the mapping & tyres etc.

She got the following;

- CG 5 paddle clutch
- r70 high pressure pump
- APS 255lph Lift pump
- Another full service (fuel filter, oil filter, oil flush and new 5w40, air filter cleaned)
- Partner P Bushes
- New Uniroyal Rainsport 3 Front Tyres

she made 163.8 hp & 278 lbft on the dyno at the start of the month, was pleased with that result on a gt15.

Few things to do for it in the near future

- Drop Links
- Fit my Powerflex Wishbone Bushes
- Coilovers & rear lowered
- New Rear tyres
- gt2052 & New 2.5" exhaust with backbox of some sort (too loud atm for my liking) followed by further mapping & see where it ends up.
- Wheels refurbed anthracite
- Badges Painted
- Interior changed/sound proofed.
- Nicer amped speakers up front& maybe different HU.

Few photos of the parts...

Powerflex wishbone bushes

[Image: e9ehe8y8.jpg]

CG 5 Paddle

[Image: a5enyvaj.jpg]

Dyno Plot

[Image: yzysa8e7.jpg]
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Hope when lowering it your gona do it right?lol Will look well once thats done
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Aye lad ive a big slide hammer there will hopefully shift the torsion bars, if not ill just take the arms off and get the bar pressed out.

Sure you know what ur at ill send it your way lol
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Haha if you need help give us a shout, just take sledge the arms off and lift them up imo looks alot easier than the 'correct' method id mine done in about 20 minutes
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ahh dunno what way to do it, ideally i don't wanna go the whole 2 nicks at the back and 1 is pretty pointless, hence wanting to get the bars out.. i'll see what happens.
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2 nicks is good if you want it lowered but not trailing, and yeah 1 nicks pointless, or you could just go all out and go 3 haha Tongue
Thanks given by:
2 is too low for my liking i think, id rather not go low enough than go too low and have to change it. Dont forget ive to do a 35 mile commute in it everyday lol!
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Good power and toque bet it's fun to drive Smile

Needs lows maybe just 30/40mm on shocks which should nt be too harsh.
[Image: Cn91r40h.jpg] 
Astor 6 Fast road/track project
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Cheers man, yeah its definately fun to drive!

Shocked a few different cars already, but I definately want a quieter exhaust eventually to quieten it down on long cruises etc.

I do like the look of 60mm/2 nicks so I MAY do it, but ill have to see what It's like. It will be coilovers on the front so can raise it if it annoys me being that low I guess.
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(18-02-2014, 03:51 PM)mcglynn Wrote: 2 is too low for my liking i think, id rather not go low enough than go too low and have to change it. Dont forget ive to do a 35 mile commute in it everyday lol!

I drive mine everyday to at the height its at too lol and god knows where i could be and the yards/lanes id be up or in lol what size are your tyres, 55s? ive a photo of mines at 2 with 55s and at 1 if you wanta see what it looks like?
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Rears are 55's but theyll be 50's before it's lowered lad.

2 nicks will probably be what I do with it tbh.
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Yeah, thats what id recommend if you want low but not to low had mines 2 for a year then went for 3 after mot, like i said if you need a hand give us a shout
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Few bits and pieces bought for the car this last few days.

[Image: va2anupy.jpg]

Lemforder drop links, front end feels tighter already and no more knocking over bumps.

[Image: gagaduqe.jpg]

Genuine peugeot pinch bolts for the ball joint and hub. Why you ask? Wink

[Image: adugy6y7.jpg]

They were in a bad way, so I set about a tidy up on them.

[Image: aqyru2an.jpg]

Out came the 'c spanner' I had to use Wink even then the adjuster didnt want to budge.

[Image: se2arevy.jpg]

After a good clean and wire brush on the compressor.

[Image: y6atupyb.jpg]

[Image: umepusy3.jpg]

[Image: e8u8uju7.jpg]

Then decided id paint the springs. The old paint was very brittle and flakey. I dont know how hammerite will fair with the spring moving? It will probably go the same way, although theyll not be seen, just thought why not as the paint is there. Tidys them up well.

[Image: equrazuh.jpg]

Thats where I left it for tonight.
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You for lowering her lad?
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No just bought coils for to keep in the boot Wink
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Good job lad, 2 nicks and 60mm will be grand and will look much better. Then black masks and a gti splitter and job done Wink
[Image: 20gh7o0.jpg]
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yeah will get them bits and pieces sorted slowly. May even go laguna splitter, im not sure.

Its not a wonder the TA coils get a bad rep, they are so heavily damped its unreal lol! I remember a set off a 1.4 polo i had and you could push them down handy enough, but these are horrendously stiff to push, and stiff to return on their own too lol!

Will hopefully handle ok with them on though.
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(27-02-2014, 07:56 AM)mcglynn Wrote: No just bought coils for to keep in the boot Wink

Smart man Tongue was wondering when youd finally see sense and lower it lol grease them up something serious before putting them in to keep them from seizing come mot etc its a ballache trying to screw them up seized with the crappy c spanner!
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haha ive plenty of experience with them, have had a wee polo on its arse before lad Wink that was the day the coils went in, it settled even lower lol.

[Image: 323166_456348497722631_1390612760_o.jpg]

i plan on using vaseline or the likes, and covering the threads in cling film to keep the shite out Smile
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