CV Boot compatibility

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CV Boot compatibility
Hopefully someone has some info for me!

Need to replace the CV boot on the drivers side of my 2.0 cabrio.

Is anyone able to confirm for me whether the boots are the same throughout the model range, or whether the cab 2.0 has a different boot, as that what my searches seem to be telling me.
I'd be surprised of they are different but would prefer a confirmation prior to ordering the wrong one!!

I'm in Australia and ebay has them fairly cheap but they list them as being compatible with the 1.8 sedans / hatches..
If I search specifically for 2.0 cabrio ones I get listings from EU countries where the postage far outweighs the cost of the boot!!

Thanks in advance for any replies!
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Sorry for the slow reply. I'm pretty sure they are the same so you should be fine with some for the 1.8.

I have a set of CV boots knocking around somewhere. I can let you know the dimensions of that would help.

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No problem about the delay!!

Thank you for the info!
No need to worry about measuring, for the sake of $25aud I'll just order it and hope for the best.. As above, can't imagine why they would be any different.

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The dimensions of the driveshafts do change on the models with smaller engines. All same for 1.8 & above as far as I know.
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I think most garages use universal stretch boots nowadays. Can be cut to fit any size plus it saves dismantling the CV joint and getting covered in CV grease.
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