Brake light switch

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Brake light switch
At long last mil light problems sorted and very nearly ready for mot.

Checked lights, no brake lights arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Quick scan on here it is possible to gain access to the switch via the air vents ??

Gonna take the Speedo out so I can see in that area a bit better then take out the dash central and drivers side vents...wish me luck.

I was thinking of taking the whole steering column off and out of the way ??

Else it the whole frigging dash off arghhhhhhhhhh......

Could anyone shed some more light on gaining access to the switch ?

According to info I have fuse 5 is the fuse for that circuit. What else does that fuse protect please ?

The cabin fuse board seems to have a date, early 1999...12/02/99 ?

Seems to be a 28 fuse fuse box ?

Other numbers by the date are 9635529180 and 28918...

I can post a picture but it may be a bit fuzzy, taken by an internet phone.

All/any help greatly appreciated.
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With a bit of contortion I thought you could access it from the footwell. A small mirror might help guide you to it.

OK, so I might be wrong .......

brake light switch (
Brake light switch (
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Thanks mighty306, will start removing stuff tomorrow for a look-see...

There is limited access behind the Speedo, a black plastic "wall" that I could cut out and modify so I can screw/bolt it back in place...

There is a sweet spot for the Speedo removal, it just slides out and down a bit to the left, 7 o clockish if you see what I mean, else it's steering wheel off....

Will report back, maybe even do a thread for this real pita of a job.
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The starting column is coming off next, I wonder what else is in the way!!!

Can't see brake light switch yet, extreme the air vent out, it's "rivetted on" connecting duct from the under steering wheel short removable connected duct is out as well as that short connector to the heater.

The Speedo head is out as is the small 4 switch dash on the right of the steering wheel.

Still can't even see the brake light switch !

Maybe when the steering column is off I will be able to see the brake light switch...we shall see.

How can people claim this is a 15 mins job, they are taking the piss springs to mind ?
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The stearing column is now off and i can see the brake light switch, just a corner of it mind !

I can feel the switch and wire which came off very easily, was it on properly I wonder.

Getting the wire back on is gunna be impossible for me, large hands...

There are 4 wires involved with the switch, but I will carry on and remove the dash.

At least then I can get to the switch properly for testing etc..

What a stupid way of designing this particular function, a bolt on plate on the column/brake pedal mounting would have made this job so much easier...
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It really does sound like a pig of a job. I had no idea it was that bad! Good luck with getting it sorted.
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Might you have any idea of the wiring for the stop light switch ?

Is there a relay involved at all ?

There seems to be 4 wires going to the switch, a 2 terminal switch, on or off. There are 2 pairs of wires, the pair of wires joining at the switch terminal block.

Tomorrow I am going to cut the wires, join each seperate pair and make an extension to make fitting the terminal to the switch easier, then I can isolate the switch and test, even hot wire to test the switch and the wiring to the lights under load, completely independent from the car wiring, that way I will know the switch and wiring from it to the lbrake lights are ok.

Hoping it's just a switch problem rather than a fault deeper in the cars loom etc..

A proper accurate wiring diagram would be good, the Haynes wiring diagram is crap.
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I don't have a wiring diagram for your model I'm afraid (HDi ?). It may be the same as a '97 2.0l 16v xsi tho. On that the brake light switch has 2 wires ....a switched live via fuse 28 and an earth through the ABS module (pin 14). There are relays in the mix but they appear to be inside the ABS module. Hope that helps.
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Yep, hdi phase 3...
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So, cut the 4 wires going to the switch plug.

2 wires to each terminal in the plug, marked 1 and 2.

Soldered and insulated long tails to each pair of 2 wires and tested. Will do same to the 4 loom wires, and the tails will connect up in the Speedo area.

Refitted plug to switch and tested.

All ok so far, acid test will be when dash back together and powered up.

Since the terminal came away from the he switch easily I conclude it was not on properly. I have not removed the dash but can see evidence it's been off before....

Please God let it be just a poor connection thats now fixed.....
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Thank you God, it was a doddjy brake light switch.

I have altered the wiring to the little b#*©ard so the wiring will not get strained. I will find out about a new switch and a suitable alternative.

It's a normally open switch that closes when the brake is pressed. I know which wires are 12 volt ( battery voltage ).

It works ok for now....
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