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Slammed DT {PH3 Now!}
Cool app!

Nice project as well!
Thanks given by: CrazyTo
Hello! So there isn`t a lot of progress, but its having some changes. For those almost 2 monts whats happend:
Change broke and scratch parts like passager electric window switch, speaker grill and clima controller.

[Image: 40901282232_3c7dbda8ed_b.jpg]
[Image: 40943132771_208943ba23_k.jpg]
[Image: 40943132121_e44d93988e_b.jpg]

I like yellow fog lights, so made mine, and also black masked them.

[Image: 40943022161_0251bc653b_b.jpg]

The weather got warmer, so mount summer tyres and screwed coilovers down at maximum.

[Image: 39133533140_937b446d3e_b.jpg]

Start the prepere of phase 3 pack for the new season.

[Image: 40943023261_098b6496ea_b.jpg]

Spray side mirrors gloss black.

[Image: 39133651350_2289bd7ef5_k.jpg]
[Image: 39133651240_f87c74d4f7_b.jpg]

BUT!! Surprise.. Damn you weather. A lot of cold weather, and snoww... I`m with summer tyres, all the way down. It was like a snowplow?...(i dont know the word, a machine that cleans the snow from the streets Big Grin )

[Image: 40943022941_1865f2095f_k.jpg]

So, the snow melt, saw one warm day, and in the car was so damn hot -> so tinted front windows with VLT 75% foil.

[Image: 40901285172_f457aaac61_b.jpg]

But, somethings gotha broke.

[Image: 40901285812_07f138103e_k.jpg]

Time for good news. Bumper and skirts was on primer, sanded down, waiting for paint.

[Image: 40901286052_f95b9e6ef1_k.jpg]
[Image: 40234533474_d142d0e3f7_b.jpg]

Painted them. I like them so much.

[Image: 40901287532_576d938113_k.jpg]
[Image: 40048783795_0c90476b7d_b.jpg]
[Image: 40234654684_55d6a87d2b_k.jpg]

For end to the post, one picture from the winter.

[Image: 40049126235_3a545f8640_k.jpg]

See ya next time. Cheers, Angel! Smile
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Hello! This post will be a little different, it will be "photo edition". There isnt much progress, unless i mount phase 3 pack. I got Megane Couch Coupe lip.
Participated in 2 big events. One is our French Crew Bulgaria, 3 years meet.
[Image: 26428872547_ae86910e72_k.jpg]
[Image: 41258183402_3642e3401e_k.jpg]
Photo - Nikolay Andreev Photograph

Afrer that i was at Scrapper Crew Bulgaria meet, there were a lot of new people for me, and a lot of interesting cars.

[Image: 41300723021_9fb5b366d2_b.jpg]
Photo - Georgi Ivanov

So, there are nothing, but pics.
[Image: 40404499115_086d47dadd_k.jpg]
[Image: 40404499575_13ddf28f40_h.jpg]
[Image: 39491184800_d2583d42b3_k.jpg]

Thanks. Till next time! Smile
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Just followed you on Instagram. Car looks fantastic in these photos! Good to see someone putting so much effort into keeping it nice Smile
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looks tidy. good work!
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Hi! First of all i wanna apologize about non-updating the thread. The excuse is that the car is sold.. Last pic of it to remember it with good!

[Image: 44998709685_8cacc8b6fc_z.jpg]

I had a new lover. Here it is. Thanks for the help, motivation, for everything! 

[Image: 30642953867_e5f3df3ce1_k.jpg]

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Love the look of this car before the ph3 face lift! I had a ph2 silver 5door DT many years ago that looked simular

[Image: DSC_0190-Copy_zpsf093f84d.jpg]
Member of 99% warning or your nothing club!

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Eugh! Looks great. Sorry to see you change cars :/
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Nice new motor mate, looks very similar to my old one. 330?
[Image: Ty8kl7b.jpg]
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