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Slammed DT {PH3 Now!}
Hallo everyone! My name is Angel, 21 yrs. old from East side of Europe. 1st I apologize about my bad english, it`s not my best..
So, about my car. Its 11.1998 Peugeot 306, ph2, silver, XT edition, DTurbo DHY, full stock, import from Italy in 2012, second owner on 180k km.
There isn`t so much progress, but i`m student and i didnt have enough resources to put in the car. So...

[Image: sdc15577_by_crazyto96-dauk2zo.jpg]
[Image: sdc15579_by_crazyto96-dauk301.jpg]
[Image: sdc15581_by_crazyto96-dauk30x.jpg]
There were nothing special, silver ph2, 14` wheel pluto with old Brigstone tyres, silver plush saloon, broken gearknob, original stereo 
After a lot of driving, i decide to keep the car, not to sell it (and buy a VW  TMI ). The FUN factor of driving this car was amazing for me.
First mods of the car were a lots of LED`s, steering cover, new gear knob, heavy tint on rear windows, tinted rear lights, LOTS of decals... a lot of small things that f*cked the vision of the car.
[Image: 2014_11_09_23_07_10_by_crazyto96-dauk3wr.jpg]
[Image: 20141111_213635_by_crazyto96-dauk49p.jpg]
[Image: 20141111_181455_by_crazyto96-dauk49d.jpg]
After a few mounths of driving, my first winter was coming. I was really exited about it, and forced to buy 4 new winter tyres. 185/65/14 but i dont have pictures.
After removing the LED i was starting to look at the forums for ideas. Get silver central console, change audio reciver, speakers, add subwoofer. 
Audio setup is:
 - Pioneer UI170 HU
 - Hertz DSK 165 front speakers
 - Pioneer ts a1674s for rear
 - Staraudio 12` sub
 - MacAudio 150w amp

After that, i decide to "fix" my crappy fog lights, with Spray Chrome and black masked.. BIG mistake for the spray, but..
[Image: 20150121_231310_by_crazyto96-dauk5xy.jpg]
[Image: 20150123_180804_by_crazyto96-dauk5ye.jpg]
[Image: 20150124_183200_by_crazyto96-dauk6am.jpg]
So, enough for the old years, now something for 2016:
At the begin of the year decide to get new set of wheels, and keep pluto`s for the winter. I get Uragane`s from a friend with 206. 6.5j et28, with 5mm spacers at the rear. Made fog light yellow with foil.
[Image: untitled_by_crazyto96-dauk7hp.jpg]
The wheels were in bad condition, so decide to repaint them. Made them silver again, with a lot of perls.
[Image: untitled_by_crazyto96-dauk7uk.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_crazyto96-dauk7u2.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_crazyto96-dauk8bq.png]
I upgrade front brakes from 247mm to 266 from 206 GTI. Calipers was green, i turned into red.
After lot ot watching at the forums, i decide that the cyclones are the wheels for me, and put my wheels for sale. After long period of time, i found one guy with GTI6 at my town, and decide to trade my wheels for his cyclones.
[Image: edit_by_crazyto96-dauk8tj.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_crazyto96-dauk8ys.jpg]
Than i get offer for some 3ph crystals, ofcourse i black masked them. (left is mine)
[Image: img_5384__2__by_crazyto96-dauk967.jpg]
At the end of 2016 my last mods were the biggest for the year. Windows tint, half-leather, black mirrors, dewiper, mist jets and stickerbombed dashboard.
[Image: file_000_by_crazyto96-daujzvs.jpg]
Than its get colder, and i switch back to winter set of wheels.
[Image: 20161218_154525_richtone_hdr_1_by_crazyto96-das4y89.jpg]
[Image: 20161218_153120_by_crazyto96-dauk0co.jpg]
[Image: file_001_by_crazyto96-dauk0qx.jpg]
For christmas my friends gave me a spoiler from ph1, need to refurb it, and mount it, but it will be when the weather get warm.
[Image: 15696562_1730722153620528_252915559_o_by...auka6d.jpg]
One pic for end of the story, its from today. Damn i hate snow..
[Image: 20170107_114451_by_crazyto96-daukaed.jpg]

Overall, i`m glad that i owned that car. My plans for 2017 are
 - Clutch change

 - Stage 1 tune (lucas pump)
 - New summer tyres
 - Lowering springs
 - GET A LIP! Big Grin
 - Mount the spoiler
 - Black door cards
 - Refresh black parts of the bumpers
 - CLEAN IT! Big Grin
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nice clean car man. good to see a phase 2 getting some love. the black masks is a great upgrade imo. well worth doing on the lighter coloured cars.
On a break from 306oc for personal reasons. If anyone needs or wants me most of you have my number and or facebook messenger
Thanks for the good times guys n gals. I might be back. Who knows.
Thanks given by: CrazyTo
Welcome along, nice project you have there.

Looking forward to more updates.

Stage 1 on the lucas should give you a nice power boost Smile
Thanks given by: CrazyTo
@bashbarnard - Thanks! Smile

@zx_volcane - Thanks! It will have more updates, when the snow got melt, cuz i dont like drive in snow. I have a friend with Citroen Xsara TD and he is Stage 1, around 120-125bhp.. he is with lucas too. More updates - at spring Smile
Thanks given by:
Hello guys! It`s time for the new thing around my car. So lets start with one quick wash after the snow melt. I`ve got a ticket for the front windows foil tint, and had to remove it. Sad 
[Image: 33424157285_ef4f573680_k.jpg]

[Image: 33424158385_b3cd207081_k.jpg]

[Image: 33383637966_29ded40e1b_k.jpg]

Mount the spoiler and a universal lip from Aliexpress. Remove foil from taillights.
[Image: 32609980893_68343c68db_k.jpg]

[Image: 33383642216_7c8ccfe41a_k.jpg]

Change the steering wheel with 3-spoke leather from XS.

[Image: 33041128920_01f13aab4e_k.jpg]

Start to prepare wheels for paint. Now they are on primer, waiting for a little warm weather to paint them.

[Image: 33424159975_590a2c900b_k.jpg]

[Image: 33383639706_d184249a5d_k.jpg]

Yesterday was the biggest event wich i participated. 

[Image: 33383644126_8256fa9d9a_k.jpg]

[Image: 33041135330_aea8139870_k.jpg]

[Image: 33383647876_afa2007985_k.jpg]

I hope to finish soon with the alloys, and fit them. I stil saving money for clutch, stage 1 and lowered springs. Smile
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lots of 306s in that photo! Big Grin Car looks really good and your english is good Smile having the cyclones silver instead of black will make them look a lot better!
Thanks given by:
Thank u! And yes, the cyclones will be silver. I forgot the code of paint but is based on the silver of 206. EZR or something close to that.
Thanks given by:
*** UPDATE 13.04.2017 ***

First of all, please the moderators team to move my thread to 306 project if it can, because i think my car has turned into a project. Smile

Hi. Its time for new update, cuz think i made a lot of changes. We`ll start with some interior mods: Black A, B, C Pillars and airbag with chrome lion.

[Image: 33858573192_536cdc2db3_k.jpg]

Finaly finish cyclones and i`m happy with the result. I put them metal steam valves and caps, but money arent enough for new tyres, so i put my old ones.

[Image: 33974883246_1b1ffc5890_k.jpg]

This is how they sit on the car. I think about 15mm spacers at the rear. Will i have any problems with rubbing at the arches? My tyres are 195/55/15.

[Image: 33203214503_a0ad141175_k.jpg]

With the rest of the paint i spray the central console, but with matte lacquer.

[Image: 33203221433_e3e6952e07_k.jpg]

This is the final result.

[Image: 33886220521_f48e93472b_b.jpg]

Made side markers black inside, and it`s turn verry good for me. Simple mod that made the car look little bit better.

[Image: 33203219763_31aa96ab08_k.jpg]

Ive found a strutbar at verry low price and buy it, but had to refurb it. Its original Sparco, and decide do paint with his original color - red. I didnt print the sticker yet, but soon will add it.

[Image: 33203212593_aa46b4533c_b.jpg]

Last thing is maybe my expensive mod for now. I got a front suspension!! New FK sport shocks and -60 FK springs, and it sit quite low for our roads, but i like it verry much! Its lill bit hard, and its my first lowered car, and still learn how to pass potholes Rofl .
[Image: 33974922946_e0893e8547_z.jpg]

[Image: 33974922876_804b203d48_z.jpg] 

The car now:

[Image: 33886225951_4da0ffafad_k.jpg]

[Image: 33974877186_8daf54d337_k.jpg]

Thats for now. I need to lowered the rear slightly, maybe 1 click or arond 30-40 mm. We`ll see. Thank! Smile
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Moved as requested.

Car looks really good! I am refurbishing some cyclones so I hope they look as good as yours!
Thanks given by: CrazyTo
*** UPDATE 30.05.2017 ***

Hi. There were a mounth and a half of driving it only. I`m trying to save cash for clutch and tyres. But here are 3 pics of the car, how its look like at the dirty and wet weather. 

[Image: 34606233680_4ae65d985b_k.jpg]

[Image: 34606232740_55b3331925_k.jpg]

[Image: 34606231390_9b6a01037e_k.jpg]
Thanks given by:
*** UPDATE 08.06.2017 ***

Theres no interest at my thread, but i will keep spaming Big Grin.
Yesterday was a good day. I disassemble the rear suspention and lowered the TB-s with 30mm. Also got a 5mm wheel spacer at the rear. 

[Image: 34330870554_4cab66c40c_b.jpg]

[Image: 34366216673_f54a31e1ee_b.jpg]

Replace IR keyless entry with universal RF module with peugeot design. 

[Image: 34788906420_366ace5550_h.jpg]

[Image: 34366216393_61e1afe976_k.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Good progress! There is interest its just that the forum isnt very busy these days as people have moved to facebook. The forum is much better suited to projects!
Thanks given by:
nice work, only just seen this, some good love going in to it, looks really goos to my taste at that hight too, not too crazy, keep up the good work, nice subtle touches Smile
Phase 1 D-Turdo, K14@24 psi, De-cat, meaty backbox, Bosch pump, grinded LDA pin, duel air fed K&N =133.7bhp & 188ft/lbs
Thanks given by:
Your car is coming along nicely. Some phase 3 gti/hdi bumpers and colour coding would be ace!?
Thanks given by:
*** UPDATE 29.08.2017 ***

Hello. It`s been 2 mounts of hard work at my friends cars, and mine was on background waiting for miracle Big Grin . I`ve been thinking about phase 3 pack and not after long i`ve order it. I get front and rear bumpers, side skirts, door strips and handbrake with chrome button. Got them in silver to prevent repainting, but the color codes from ph2 and ph3 are different. Damn Peugeot manufacturers.

[Image: 36895104305_c98249d914_b.jpg]

Move the lip to ph3 bumper.

[Image: 36895103905_0595faab12_b.jpg]

Door strips didnt fit. The clamps are at other place, and didnt stay any good.

[Image: 36061035784_d351a288f5_b.jpg]

Friend of mine done some of the exhaust mods. Remove the cat and gutted the back box. I expect a little more loud car, but its still so quiet. Think about 60mm free flow with some empty cheap back box, but we will see.

[Image: 36724200412_a5c1a448f5_b.jpg]

After little of driving with ph3 pack i still wondering to fix and repaint them, or stay with ph2 pack. I dont know, i`m 50/50. Quick paint correction with one friend. Polishing componund and hard wax after that. Its turns on the pearls on the paint, and it looks so good.

[Image: 36895103455_1329d50ff5_b.jpg]

[Image: 36724200692_0aa5ceafbb_b.jpg]

Now its turn for the real modifications. Stage 1?  Cool

[Image: 36061036034_f8047154a7_b.jpg]

I turn the fuel up a little, touch the compensator, tomorow will go under the car to touch the wastegate to aronud 1.3 bar (18-19psi). 
I think i have the badest combination of the 306 history. Lucas punp and k03 turbo  TMI . 

And the bad news. The car is on the market for sale, cuz have a little problem with the coolant. Sometimes after a drive the coolant hoses are getting a little bit stiff. When i pop the cap its make that "tssssss" sound. Can it be a thermostate cuz it wont go higher from 75-80 dgr. C at the day around 25-30dgr. C outside. Or maybe its head gasket? It doesnt loose coolant and didnt mix anything with oil. 

So this is the state of the car now. 
[Image: 36895102295_2283eadeda_k.jpg]

Thanks! See you soon! Smile
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so youre selling it because of a coolant issue?
Thanks given by:
I dont know is it normal or not to make the coolent pipes stiff (not rock solid but stiff). I have talked to friends, they told me a head gasket, but they arent cheap, and i didnt have the instruments, place and skills to fix it. If i drove it to mechanic to fix it, it will be expensive repair. I really dont know what to do now.
Thanks given by:
It should sit at 83 degrees c, so could be a thermostat issue if it's opening a little too much. Is that the only thing that's prompted you to feel the coolant pipes or is there other symptoms?
[Image: 20120704_212316.jpg]
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The car seems to be good, no sign of high pressure at the coolant. So, the car WILL STAY! Big Grin
Next update hope to be clutch change, or to fix phase 3 body kit. We will see. Cheers! Smile
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*** UPDATE 08.10.2017 ***

Hi! From the last update isnt much happend. Change the cluch with Valeo one, because old start sliping. I dont have pictures. After that i tune the pump little more, and add more boost. Now its boosting to 1.4bar (20-21psi) and my turno isnt k03, its garrett T2 and i`m happy with it. There is a LOT of smoke before boost, but when kicked in, its cleaning and the car is moving forward way too fast than before.

[Image: 37517540856_b5fd041a70_b.jpg]

Yesterday i add 2 stickers.

[Image: 37517542226_f87a241c3d_k.jpg%5B]

And order some expensive for me stuff. All of my friends driving them cars with that brand coilovers. Isnt to hard or too soft. We will see what will be to mine car. Hope to deliver them soon.

[Image: 37517540926_08cb74fb55_b.jpg]

And the state of the car now, picture is from yesterday.

[Image: 37517543456_8ff758284a_k.jpg]

See you soon. Thanks! Smile 
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*** UPDATE 26.11.2017 ***

Hello forum! First things first. The coilovers has arrived for 6 days from Germany to Bulgaria. 

[Image: 38619067862_a761e907ef_b.jpg] 

I get new top mounts and install it for about 2hrs. It isnt hard at all, when everything is well lubed before. 

[Image: 37933638904_317ab13012_k.jpg]

At the background is mine old suspension (FK shocks with -60 springs). There is about 2-3mm clearance between tyre and coil, but its not a problem TMI .

[Image: 38619078112_9e17e2ad0d_k.jpg]

Also get more down at the rear (more 35mm) and remove the helper springs from the coilovers. This is how the car sits on the lowest point.

[Image: 37763991145_b58c373955_k.jpg]

I like the suspension, its not soft at all, but its not so bumpy.  This was the way i drive it for a while. 
Winter is comming  Doh .. I had to install the winter tyres with the 14s. It is so ugly at that height with them.

[Image: 38619074052_e761f6b8e2_k.jpg]

I had to raise it up with 40mm at front and 35mm at the rear, because it is like some dog dragging his a** at the ground. Rofl 

[Image: 24779044808_c03098acf0_k.jpg] 
This is the state of the car for now, till summer is come and get some new wheels, paint phase 3 pack and maybe (if theres some money ) to make new exhaust.
I cut the gearknob (?) with 30mm, and its comfortable to use it. Its not like a shortshifter but its nice. Make a new gear gaitor.

[Image: 38619067712_c02e8a69e1_b.jpg]

[Image: 38619067622_ea46284461_k.jpg]

I will end this post with my favourite shot from the summer. 
[Image: 26875176689_01a82a661a_b.jpg]

Thanks!  Bye for now! Smile
Thanks given by:
looking good mate, glad the issue fixed itself lol, keep up the good work Smile
Phase 1 D-Turdo, K14@24 psi, De-cat, meaty backbox, Bosch pump, grinded LDA pin, duel air fed K&N =133.7bhp & 188ft/lbs
Thanks given by: CrazyTo
Just to upload the photo. This one is from today, after car wash. Smile

[Image: 38009034084_9b7c6fc1c5_k.jpg]
Thanks given by:
whats the photo taken on? a phone? looks really good.

Little bit too low for me though!
Thanks given by:
Yes, a phone. After that edit with Photoshop and Lightroom. Thanks! Smile
Thanks given by:
*** UPDATE 31.01.2018 ***

Happy New Year! Smile

There is not much happend with the car, because of the winter. I hate cold weather and snow or rain.

[Image: 26133158988_8522f760d4_k.jpg]

The only thing is that the car has been at the "dyno". It`s not an actualy dyno, its a phone app. It makes close results for the car power. Here is a graphic.

[Image: 39974069512_0abeccfe3b_b.jpg]
Thanks given by:
so how does it work on the phone? do you have to connect it to obd?
Thanks given by:
D turbo... OBD... Hmmmm lol.

Assume it's an app of some sort and It'll just be doing it through the accelerometer along with how much the car weighs to work it out
[Image: Ty8kl7b.jpg]
Thanks given by:
hmmm yes missed that!
Thanks given by:
The app is called PerfExpert, and its payed. You must enter manualy how the car weight, then air resistant by formula: car height*width*0.89*0.32, then enter tyre size, 2nd 3rd 4rd gear ratio, end ration, connect to internet for wheather (temp. and hum.), and calibrate the device. Its really cool app, it can mesure 0-100(60mph) and 402m. Mine takes 0-100km for 8.84sec., 402m 17,94sec@132.4km\h. No connection with OBD.
Thanks given by:

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