306 Blower motor replaced and working but no air coming from vents?

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306 Blower motor replaced and working but no air coming from vents?
Hi guys

First time posting on this forum... or on any car forum for that matter. To be honest I think the last time I owned a car forums didn't even exist. I guess that's progress for you.

I bought and imported a 2001 306 estate for lugging surf gear around by the beach in Spain where I live, the car is great and still runs like a dream, and this forum has been great for sorting out any little niggles or repairs I've had to do, but I have recently hit a dead end.

The heater blower stopped working, so following some trouble shooting tips, and after checking the relays and control panel I ended up replacing the blower motor with one from a breakers and now it runs fine, 4 speeds etc etc. But now the problem is that no air comes out of the vents when the dial is in any position.

The engine air intake is clear
The space between the blower and the heater matrix is clear, some twigs and leaves on the matrix but nothing major I think
The car doesnt have a cabin filter.
The control panel cables are all connected and can be seen to move the respective levers correctly.
There doesnt appear to be any air escaping behind the dash so it wouldnt seem that a vent/pipe is disconnected
The AC has never been very cold but I guess that is down to needing a regassing.

So what on earth is wrong with it? Seems like a vent is completely blocked but when the motor worked before there was not a problem.
Any other thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and greetings to all
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Haven't worked on on the blower or fascia controls myself but hopefully these previous threads will be of some help. I believe there are cables that control a variety of flaps. It could be none of them are being held open.

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Thanks for the reply, I missed that thread in the search for answers, but that doesn't cover it unfortunately. The cables are connected and working, you can see them dials moving the respective cables and the other end of the cable moving the respective levers on the vents, so it doesn't appear to be anything on the control panel
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Mmm, sounds very puzzling. Just a thought n probably a daft one ...was the new motor connected up using the OEM connectors or wired in manually? No chance it's running backwards is there?  ....in which case it wouldn't blow!
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I'm literally pulling my hair out trying to figure it out (and I don't have much left to pull) I have resisted taking it to the Spanish mechanic as yet which can be a bit of a lottery. Seems you have to be blonde with big boobs (I'm not) to get good service. 

Not a daft idea at all, thanks for even thinking about it. It occurred to me aswell, because at first I noticed the fan seemed to be sucking and not blowing, in a traditional fan like manner, but then when you see how it is mounted, it sucks from the engine compartment and blows through the small triangular outlet at the back motor housing, so I think it is running correctly. It's connected using the original OEM connector
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