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Emma, Dan and Daniel's pug addiction...
So, to move on from this thread-:  

Thought it's about time to start a thread in the forum proper.  Still not got piccies (running theme with me, always forget but Emma has a couple I think, will try get them up sometime) but red cab has been partly stripped today. Rear beam is off ready to go on the 5dr, few other odds n sods like lights put in the garage as spares, instrument cluster lens/indicator stalk/stereo and passenger window reg swapped over to the green cab.

Then we went for a ride up round Buxton as it was a nice day, if I've got any energy left tomorrow it'll be the 5dr's turn to drop it's axle & then they will be swapped between cars (seized one bolted on the red cab to keep it moveable).  Be nice to have suspension on it lol, might be tempted to lower it a bit though as it looks good with the wheels tucked in the arches a bit. Will have to see how it looks with the 'clones on though as they ought to make it look better on their own compared to steelies with ebay special trims.
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definitely get some pics up Smile
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(14-09-2020, 08:48 PM)Eeyore Wrote: definitely get some pics up Smile

Umm, yeh lol will have to get some piccies sorted. Some more developments today, we picked up a load of Ph1 parts and plan is to swap the Ph1 front end, tailgate and rear lights onto the silver 5dr.  Tailgate already done, as well as the replacement rear beam swapped on the other week.  Eventual idea there is to respray the whole thing Kingfisher Green as the paint's already tatty and it's a nice colour too.

Also grabbed the top glove box from that car & ripped the passenger airbag out of the green cabriolet for that since it's much more useful to have the storage there.  

5dr is currently back on SORN as the XUD 206 is back up & running again after some injector problems, that needs getting ready to try and get another year's ticket before beginning it's VNT transformation.  Anyway, sunburnt and sweaty and tired now so off for some rest!
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