306 estate engine swap

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306 estate engine swap
Yeah it's come out really good, I've knocked the heads of the welds but I don't think it would be too much work to smooth it and make it look really clean. However I'm not doing that since it's getting covered and it's not a show car lol.

Been in a weird fettle last few days so not really touched the pug, not sure why but possibly cos I wasn't sure how to make a start on patching the bit from the boot floor to the side panel. I thought about it for ages but wasn't getting anywhere so took a grinder to it and cut out the shapes completely. Plan is to cut a piece to fill in and then use a seam roller I've bought but never used to put in a few seams for strength then weld it in. The piece inside the panel will be easy enough as I just need to make a template and cut it out then put some folds in it for the spot welds but planning to also put seams in that aswell.

I have had a tendancy, in the past, to get so far with a project then stall because I didn't know how to get past a hurdle and then it just sit there and rot away. I'm desperately trying to not let that happen to this project. So fingers crossed lol. Oh and thanks for the kind comments mate.

[Image: 10m7iJL.jpg]
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[Image: KGgqtiY.jpg]

Panel made, will weld it in next week.
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Having put in so much effort it would be a real shame if you gave up now. You have put sooo much work in to it. I think the cleaning up, repairing & repainting phase is the most difficult (incl physically) & it's hard to see very rapid progress sometimes. Not surprising you have the occasional dip in motivation. (No doubt the other half is also questioning what kind of madness has possessed you to put so much effort in to an old Peugeot ...get the same here). Once you start putting all of the interior back in & doing the mechanicals I'm sure it'll feel better.
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Aye deffo going to keep at it, I'm not allowing myself to buy another daily cos otherwise I would have an excuse not to carry on with it. Good news is, I'm saving money on fuel as I'm getting lifts into work and stuff so more money can be spent on it. Luckily my missus is incredibly understanding, she also really likes the pug as well so is all for getting it back on the road.

Been working the last few days and the rain has been on so progress has been slow. The gazebo also decided to take off, so I've packed it away and decided it was a poor idea lol. It's pretty banged up but thinking I can use it as a kind of spraybooth and set it up in my garage when I need to paint the car.

[Image: O0Glpfj.jpg]

Been through a couple of different fabric choices for the doorcards. Have found one I really like tho and the progress on this card is pretty good, just waiting on more glue to arrive to do around where it gets tucked into the plastic.

[Image: GIbQEE4.jpg]
[Image: 89HqrHh.jpg]

Much better then this lol

[Image: isN0OOb.jpg]

Remade this panel, wasn't happy with the one I made. All this has is a curved part to match up better to the boot floor and wheelarch but it's also a thicker sheet of metal than the original one so I'm not concerned about the strength. Still need to prep the area around it and plug weld in a piece of sheet metal I've folded a 90 degree bend into, so this piece has something to be plug welded to. Hopefully get that done if the weather is dry this week.

[Image: BSRrro8.jpg]

Started buying silly things to spruce it up.

[Image: lSrrmAt.jpg]
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Not got a great deal done today, scraped seam sealer off so could rust treat underneath. Finished the arch as it was just a silly piece needed making and did a bit of welding.

[Image: FCHGU3W.jpg]
[Image: bgXCema.jpg]
[Image: hAV8V1F.jpg]
[Image: CDWAjfO.jpg]
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Had to cut out some more rusty bits but have patched them the day.

[Image: dMXsEsi.jpg]

Might have underestimated how difficult it was going to be to make the inner panel piece, tried making it in one piece but was a massive fail so cut it in half and fitted this half. Will make the other half tomorrow and hopefully fitted.

[Image: h8gCRSG.jpg]

It would be nice to get the welding in the boot done tomorrow, that's what I'm hoping for anyway.
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Great success

[Image: CVqiDHk.jpg]
[Image: lRpreBA.jpg]
[Image: gvqTV0b.jpg]

Need to shape the hole for the vent but I'm cool with it being slightly too small, as it's better then being too big lol. Don't know where the time went today, only managed this much but still have other holes to patch in the boot so fingers crossed that tomorrow will be the last day of welding in there.
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Finished with the welding in the boot, got kind of impatient near the end with some of the bits but I figure I can always go back to it if needed. Seam sealed it then painted it.

[Image: 0o9HM2y.jpg]

[Image: j7Oh1hC.jpg]
[Image: 0v3jcFw.jpg]
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Absolutely cracking job & nicely documented too. Thanks once again for sharing & well done for getting to this point. Looking forward to the next instalment!
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Cheers mate, not sure when I'll be able to get cracked into some more as think it's to rain when I'm off. Had a bit of an issue with the seam sealer reacting to the paint so I need to sort that out which is just extra time but hoping I can get in with a wire wheel and make quick work of it.

Good news is, is that my newly retrimmed steering wheel has shown up today and it looks really good. I also got a cheap tape player delivered yesterday but need to try and figure out the code for it. Went subtle with the steering wheel, just got the stitching done to match the seats.

[Image: bOD5qPE.jpg]

[Image: EwqQbMX.jpg]

[Image: 8js5xOK.jpg]
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Boring progress update time. Removed rear carpet as I want to get in and clean up any bubbly bits in rear seat area. Pressure washed it then used wet/dry vacuum to suck out as much water as I could. Wasn't particularly dirty but when it's out and it's sunny, why not lol. Never did the fronts as I've bought a front carpet off of FB where the pad isn't worn through so waiting on that. Bought a few things for it actually so looking forward to the stuff coming.

[Image: LPodMG7.jpg]

Fitted new door straps to the front as the pug never had any when I got it. So much better so going to get new ones for the rear as well.

[Image: Ul6pcnt.jpg]

And then finally, I noticed there were loads of bubbled up areas under the door seal on the rear doors so wire brushed all the bits then sprayed it with matt black paint. I've done both sides now.

[Image: N4YSanm.jpg]
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I've not touched the pug in a while now, weather and life getting in the way. At the minute I'm trying to sort my garage out so I can move the pug inside so I can continue working on it over the winter. Need to fabricate some form of dolly frame to make it move-able. Plans might change but that's where I'm at currently as there has been a definite change in the weather so don't think I'll have any updates soon.

Did purchase a set of alloys on ebay and think they look really good. Was thinking about getting my 205 gti wheels converted to split rims but planning on using these now so will sell the 205 alloys on to make room and a bit of cash back. The big thing will be what the fitment is like when the suspension is back together but I'm hoping it will work. Not bad for £260 I reckon, well I'm pleased as punch lol.

[Image: iLhnlx4.jpg]
[Image: UcjE7OZ.jpg]
[Image: eBiwKil.jpg]
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Nowt interesting has been happening, pottering about with other stuff. Doing bits here and there with pug, removed front seat belts today and fitted new underlay plus refitted rear carpet and bottom seats.

Planning to send seatbelts away to get new webbing fitted.

[Image: hRct9DF.jpeg]

[Image: 5HykujS.jpg]

[Image: Iyuzcg4.jpg]
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Meant to respond to your message from earlier in the month. For sure, it's more difficult to get on with things at this time of year. Prepping & painting metal in damp weather aint the best, but at least you've done most (if not all) of that. Anyway, you still seem to be managing to make a little progress. That's more than I've done recently   Confused . Is that carpet underlay repurposed as sound deadening by the way? I need something for the boot ...hadn't thought of something like that but could so just fine if I can get some offcuts.

The wheels you got off ebay aren't my thing but it's horses for courses. Guess you're going to have to find some adapters to fit them?

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Yeah, it's a pain the arse. The only thing I've done since my last post is install a new door seal for the rear left door. I'm getting a small puddle in the boot after it rains, so I need to find out where the water is coming from next time it rains and I also need to buy a new tap to cut the thread for the seatbelt mounting point. Need to double check but think it's an M12x125.

Yeah it's just normal carpet underlay lol, I'm sure there was a post on here about the cloud 9 stuff as it's good for sound deadening. Bought enough for two cars as if it's good it will be going into my other car. Aye I didn't think the wheels would be to everyone's taste but I absolutely love them, can't wait to see what it will look like when it's done. Bolt pattern lines up, pretty sure it is 4x100 and 4x108 so thankfully they should just bolt up and the et looks ok so fingers crossed they will fit well enough but won't know until everything else is bolted back up.

Managed to find (kind of) matching holdall bags for it as well. Don't ask me why I suddenly had the desire to buy bags for it but I also want an old peugeot folding bicycle for the boot aswell.

[Image: w2C0WZp.jpg]
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