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Will this gear knob fit? Suggestions for a better one?
it says it has an adapter for 8 10 and 12mm. Will one of them fit? It looks quite cool on the picture but wonder what it will actually look like ....

Anyone recommend a different one?
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The Stock One Smile
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normally theyre fitted with grub screws that come loose. I would just get a good condition stock one. Plenty of other things to spend money on that will make a real difference.
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Most of the 306s I've experienced thus far have, after 20+ years, suffered from the actual plastic spigot on the gear lever breaking into pieces as well as the gear knob being split. This has left us with a dildo shifter in the silver car (it came with the 206 GTi180, thank god the lad never got round to fitting it lol) and the one in the cab is pushed onto the least degraded spigot I could find and at least doesn't fall off now, just turns freely.

I've not done it as yet, but plan is I want to remove the gear lever from a 206 and see if they fit because either age has been kinder so far or they made the 206 ones out of better plastic because every one I've touched has always locked into place just as it should even on early (T plate), 200k plus, shitheaps.
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