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The pug needs some welding for the MOT, the front outriggers from the side to the chassis rail. The chassis rail is good but where the outrigger is spot welded to the chassis rail has corroded thru. the seam sealer hides so much corrosion. It gets punctured and very merrily corrodes away under the seam sealer, which is quite difficult to remove.

I will post some pictures next week.

Hope its not an engine and subframe out job as the box section where the subframe rear bolts to the box section, right by the chassis rail is bad, but not too bad. I will be checking that vertical of the chassis rail this afo when the car is higher for better access.

Wish me luck!

All this welding should have been done much prior ( later feb to early march was the planned time )  to MOT ( 19th april ) but the shitron took so much of my time away.
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This is unfortunately an issue on a lot of these cars. The problem occurs where someone has inappropriately jacked the car up on the chassis rails. The underseal gets punctured & moisture gets in there & dies lots of damage unseen. You can scrape the underseal back with a bit of persistence & then make a proper assessment of the damage.
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