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1995 306 1.9d " ol chugger "
Hi I thought I would start a project thread as the car needs some repairs and light mods. It would be nice to look back at this and see how the car develops. 

She is a 1.9D I know not exactly exciting but it is a relatively clean phase 1 which is a blank canvas for me to put my mark on it. Also not many at all left on the road. 

So this is how she was when I brought her.

This is after a long weekend and a trip up to see Carl Chambers for some parts. 

She had a cracked rear light which is now changed and now has a phase 1 GTI spoiler fitted, removed rear wiper. 

There is also a pic of the rusty n/s rear arch which is being repaired Tuesday photos of the repair to come later this week. 

I have also amped and changed all my car speakers but kept the parcel shelf looking standard and added a small sub. Sounds sooooo much better now. 

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions where the car should go next. 

Im currently waiting for my lowering springs to arrive which I hope will also be done this week.

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Oldie but goodie. Hope the repairs go well.
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