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2002 Xsara VTS
I know it's not a 306 (well, actually, it is really, just different clothes) but I'll put a project thread here for anyone interested.

I've got a detailed thread going on Detailing World so I'll keep this one updated from this point onward too. For anyone wanting to catch up, this is the thread on DW.

So, short version of the story so far. Sold my beach buggy, wanted another toy, interest in the Xsara piqued after I broke the Ph1 so looked about. Hardly any around but found a two owner, 51 plate Ph2 with 57k on the clocks, so jumped on it.

Other than a bloody good clean (under which the grime it turns out to be mint) it's not needed anything until the radiator gave up which I discovered whilst swapping the headlights for new ones.

I've just scored a set of C5 steels for £5 (yes, £5!) from a seller in Ireland. A mate has picked them up, taken the tyres off and is having them delivered to me. All in, they've cost me £30. Bargain.

No real plans for this one as yet. Like to keep it standard ish but have bought the rear Bilstein B6 shocks Reece was selling and will likely put B6's on the front too. Needs a std cat and either a std or stainless exhaust to replace all the pattern crap exhaust system that's on it currently.

[Image: IMG-20180916-141521.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20180916-141551.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20180909-102808.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20180907-WA0054.jpg]
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Looking forward to seeing the slightly less restorative side of you in the form of a xsara!

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Hello Josh Big Grin

Massive thanks for the wheels link! Yeah, it's nice just to have a toy to play with (albeit still needs a rad before I can drive it again!)

There won't be too much in the way of mods to this one barring the suspension and exhaust. I'm just a fan of clean, std examples of hot hatches! I'll keep all the old bits so I can put it back to std.

Be very hard indeed to keep this original in terms of finding parts. Looks like they only ever made about 700 Ph2 Xsaras in the first place
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I can't believe how clean this thing is. Even looks spotless underneath!
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That's because it is!

It's done next to nothing other than potter to the shops and back for the last 7 years and not a massive amount before that....
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Not too much to tell on this, other than I discovered when changing the front headlights for some brand new ones that the radiator had failed and was leaking.

Not a problem you'd think. Try finding a pattern part for a Ph2 Xsara VTS. The rad is unique to this car, mainly to do with changes to the front end and how it all fits together. Essentially, there are two bolts that go through the slam panel, through the fan shroud and screw into mounts on the plastic tanks on the rad. Only managed to find two aftermarket radiators which directly reference the OEM part number and both are out of stock. There are plenty that say they are for a Ph2 VTS but having gone through 3, they aren't.

In the mean time, I picked up a bargain set of C5 steels. Grand sum of £5. Yes, £5.

[Image: Screenshot-20190110-150344.jpg]

They were in Ireland (big Josh Wainright for pointing me at them) so a mate over there collected them, had the tyres taken off and then sent them to me. So light the postage for all 4 was £24!

[Image: IMG-20190202-161156.jpg]

Took a pic of the reference numbers as this confirms they are the genuine article!

[Image: IMG-20190202-161208.jpg]

Dragged into the house, thoroughly washed and dried.

[Image: IMG-20190202-163645.jpg]

Custom spray booth set up, complete with fume extraction....

[Image: IMG-20190202-165408.jpg]

And paint warmer....

[Image: IMG-20190202-164754.jpg]

The wife wasnt very impressed, but she never is when it comes to me and car bits. First coat of high build primer applied....

[Image: IMG-20190202-170456.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190203-185949-364.jpg]

Went for a Graphite grey paint. Supposed to be a metallic but I can't see any in it. Never mind.

[Image: IMG-20190204-213757-106.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190204-213757-111.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190204-213757-116.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190204-201734.jpg]

Added a third coat of paint to two of the wheels after approx 48hrs drying and got this mess

[Image: IMG-20190207-221234.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190207-221227.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190207-221146.jpg]

A painter mate reckons it's the thinners in the paint reacting with the already hardened paint. Bit annoyed really but nothing a good wet flatting and repaint won't sort. Good job I bought two cans....
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that looks super tidy! Maybe its the lowest mileage example too! Definitely a score on the wheels!
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(08-02-2019, 11:52 AM)Eeyore Wrote: that looks super tidy! Maybe its the lowest mileage example too! Definitely a score on the wheels!

Thanks......there can't be many left and certainly not at this mileage considering they only made 1400 total across Ph1 and Ph2.........

Yes, the wheels were bargain if the century. Even posted for Ireland, I've been offered single rims for more than I paid for 4 delivered
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Not a good day.

Decided to have the driver's seat out to see if I could figure why the seat was creaking. All this time I've thought it was the frame.

First job was get the seat out. Easier said than done, because just like the 306, they stuck a stupid bolt front corner of the seat, up against the centre console, which a seat that won't move enough to get to it. You end up with an amalgamation of wobble bits and extensions, which normally make it easier, unless some idiot has been in there previously and rounded the head.

[Image: IMG-20190216-131303.jpg]

Awesome. Much, much huffing, puffing, swearing and generally having a whale of a time with a torx screwdriver and that bolt was out.

Moved onto the rear bolts. Much easier access,, but the one coming out of the sill felt odd, loose and floppy. I had a good idea what was wrong, confirmed by that horrible sound as the (non) captive nut dropped to the bottom of the sill. Marvellous. Seat out completely and I now know what the creaking was. The panel with the seat mount flexing.

[Image: IMG-20190216-130230.jpg]

So on the positive side, I don't need a new seat frame. On the negative side, I need the car welding.

And then I dropped my relatively new phone and cracked the screen. What a day and it's only 13:30.
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