Cully on telly

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Cully on telly
Other half was watching telly while I was on my computer and I looked up and see Cully on telly lol

Any one else been on telly?
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yes i was on the telle for all of 2 minuets
31st oct channel 5  9pm secret life of the hospital
the film footage that was shot within the pod system traveling was my footage i took from a pod i made to take a camera Wink

Big Grin
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I was in the background on the Antiques Roadshow earlier this year... lol

I didn't know they still used those vacuum chute things, the supermarkets haven't used them for years!
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do they clean the pipes with a "pig" ? a good way of distribution, even germ filled air
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As a kid my dad was a founding member of the now defunct railway club in Rochford Park, Southend, Essex. On some event or other the local news crew filmed me riding the train with my dad... that’s circa 1989 and my mum still has a VHS recording of it.

Then about 10 years ago Look North was doing a bit about the new shopping area in Boston, Lincs where I was working at the time and me and a colleague managing to creep into shot. The wife video’d it on her phone from the tele :-D
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that footage is cool. love those systems! Well done cully!
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