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From 1.8 16v to 2.0 turbo XU10J2TE

Hello from Lithuania, so one year ago I bought 1997 peugeot 306 1.8 16v for 100 euros. And have a mind to do swap for XU10J2TE.

I do all what I can , but to finish I need engine wiring. So can anyone do this and can help me? I mean from engine wiring to general wiring.

Also I add some photos from a year with this nugget .

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Welcome, interesting project, I will keep an eye on this. Your best bet for wiring diagrams is probably the workshop manual for the engine donor car. Or run it with a standalone ecu, which will bypass any compatibility issues.
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I am building the exact same project. i had a 406 loom converted by PUG1OFF to fit my existing 306 loom
1999 2.0 8v Turbo 306

Flying the Flag for the XU10J2TE

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