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No brake lights
Just failed the MOT due to no brake lights (which were working only 2 days prior!). Changed the brake light unit switch, via the air vent  (thanks guys I would never have thought of going that route but there isn't any other, even if it rips your arm in the process) and checked the fuse - no joy. Reversing light ok. Any other thoughts on what it may be bulbs appear ok
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Are you getting a voltage to the contacts of the bulbs when someone presses the pedal? If so, probably the bulbs. I'd check by switching in a spare anyway.

If no voltage there, fuses can be damaged even if not appearing to be broken by eye (as above same for bulbs).
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has the switch been pushed in far enough?
has the switch been pushed out the plastic keeper by the pedal my daughters wouldnt stay in the keeper it was so warn
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