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DVLA got their act together.
Just had the V5 through for the Scooby I bought just 4 days ago!
I can't believe how quick that was, they've been getting steadily better for a few years but to buy the car Thursday an have the V5 back on Monday is impressive.
Just a bit of a pain as I'm gonna have to tax the thing now.
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Did you send it off or do it online? When i did one online back along it was a lot quicker than usual.
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it was sent off on paper as far as I'm aware.
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Yeah it took 5 days to get mine through the door, that was back in march, must have been their New Years resolution or something haha!
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Still waiting for my black dt one that was 3 months ago!!!
Phoned them and they said it on the way ffs
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online change of keeper is always within a week - 10 days max.
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