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Friday......I'm off sick !!!
Fri:   in bed...virus on Sunday floored me..exhausted.

Sat:  meant to be putting tyres on my car....not now

Sun:   if I can stand and walk I'm off out for fresh air !
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Today - Go pick up turbo, bolt that back to my engine, engine back in car, finish FMIC install then of to my bosses retirement doo.

Tomorrow - Hangover, run director at parkrun, finish the numerous car things that I didn't get done today.

Sunday - Drive to Scotland, chill with the parents.
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today - work and haircut
saturday - sailing, picking up sailing kit
sunday - wakeboarding
monday - c5 fixing and restoring.
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Stayed on late at work to finish welding up a dry sump tank for a customer who's racing this weekend lol, also went and did the front wheel bearings on the racing bini then mowed the lawn at home. 

Saturday: working all day to start the welding work on a customers gti6 

Sunday and Monday: working on the gti6
Current stable
'09 Mercedes E320cdi wagon 
'99 306 gti6
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Today: worked and then just chilled at work when everything was finished. Prob catch up on some youtube videos in a bit.

Saturday: pop to town first thing for a haircut, then to work to sort a few bits. Play cricket in the afternoon and chill in the evening.

Sunday: poss go for an early morning run, then down work to have a sort out of bits and hopefully sort the suspension on the estate.

Monday: hopefully get out on the bike at some point in the day and carry on with car stuff the rest of the day i expect.
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Friday - work. Swelter outside. Inside remains the coldest non refrigerated warehouse on the planet......lovely. Deal with all the bank holiday motorway Muppets on the way home

Saturday - work. Yard relay. Shall be wearing nowt but Speedos. Sat afternoon will involve putting suspension and subframe back on the rallye so I can move it to get the summer toy out of the garage!

Sunday - move that bloody Rallye, wheel.out the green Goddess and prepare for MOT and resulting summer grins
Cherry Red Rallye - Full on OEM resto.....
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Friday 12h shift, sat same, sun same, mon same, ffs
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