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Should we be concerned about our diesels
France/Belgium aren't as densely populated though, they still have pollution issues but they also have large parts of the country that are totally fine.

It becomes a hard sell to the public when only a few inner city area's suffer issues but everyone else is hunky-dory.
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It's easy to sell "diesels are bad" to the public, they're already believing it.

I don't buy it, it's another way to make us feel guilty or responsible for something we can't really control.
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(10-05-2017, 07:51 PM)Mighty306 Wrote:
(10-05-2017, 11:41 AM)welshpug Wrote: belgium is probably 90% diesel for medium cars and up, apart from the massive american pickups you do see far more regularly than in the UK, and the sporty stuff, which you really dont see very often.   its also about ten cents per litre cheaper.

Wow, they won't be giving them up any time soon then!

so is it just our govt then?
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Tbh all ICEs are due to die out in fairly short order regardless, see what Elon Musk has been doing recently.
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Aye Poodle. Was in Cribbs Causeway near Bristol recently where Tesla had set up a showroom. There were crowds of people lusting after the Model S. Have to say it looked fantastic, but I doubt there was anyone in there, including me, who was anywhere near being able to afford one!  Think it'll be a while yet before the ICE gets sidelined tho. Too many vested interests in fossil fuels.
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The worlds economy is built on oil, quite a few countries rely on oil money to exist.

It's gotta stop sooner or later, but it needs to be a gradual decline in use or there will be a huge collapse of the financial system.
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