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2001 (Y) HDi Meridian Estate, China Blue
So, four and a bit years with me, and a few months with the father-in-law its time for me to part with my ever reliable friend. It's had its moments, all of which you will probably find in my previous posts/threads but nothing to hide anyway so check away.

2001, HDi estate, china blue, a little over 150k

£450 / Offers

All common gripes have been dealt with over the years of my ownership, not so much while in possession of the father-in-law but lets just put that down to the fact he isn't the luckiest of guys and he's now admitted defeat and that he hasn't the money "to look after it like I should" in his words.

All work below done in past four years:

Axle: Done (about 3 years ago IM Axles)
Heater Matrix: Done (Hella)
EGR: Blanking plate, unplugged, and vac line removed and plugged.
Exhaust: Hoffman decat, bosal mid section, and old midsection for backbox
Clutch: Done less than 200 miles ago (funds were tight so not Valeo or LUK but is a TransMech, fact is its new and does the job)
Rear Calipers: Both Pagid recon units as had a few issues with these over the years

Other Spec:

GTi Struts and 30mm Eibach springs (bought off toms306 on here a few years ago)
Tinted rear lights (again off here a few years ago, still got old units too)

Aways serviced every 8-9k (due in about 2k) using premium fully syn oils and only genuine peugeot filters
Standard 90 map... always wanted to at least put stage one on it but never had the funds or decent enough laptop I trusted enough not to brick it.

In my four years it NEVER let me down, it "broke down" on the father-in-law two weeks ago, well today that was proven to be nothing more than the numptie pushing his luck too far and running out of fuel. Once fueled started first time!

It currently needs o/s/r handbrake cable, will get this done before sale or take as is and knock off £20
There is a little rust above wheelarch on o/s/f wing, been there ever since I owned it not bare rust yet just a section of bubbled paint, never got round ad at rate its grown in past four years still plenty of years left yet.
Heated rear screen packed up about a year ago, seems to be dodgy joins in boot lid loom.

It is what it is, its always going to be worth more to me than its actual monetary value but its always started and never let me down and was always great on fuel.
Suprsingly over four years I haven't got many pics so only got these for now but will get more when I get it down here or when I'm next up there.

Oh, 7.5 months MOT left too.

And cheap tax being a Y plate
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Bargain that. Glwts
Wishes for more power...
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