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2002 306 Meridian Estate 1.6i Automatic
Hi all,

Looking to move on from my ten year ownership of this 2002 Meridian, 115.000 mile petrol 1.6i TU5JP Automatic. You can find many different photographs of it, including the kind of work that has been done over at my Project thread:

Over the last couple of years it's had work performed on it by Pug1Off in Brackley including all the suspension, rear axle refurbishment and also a new head gasket recently plus everything you see in the above thread has been done on it.

Reason for sale:
It was a genuine bit of fun and a hobby to have it lowered, parts replaced, detailing it, keeping it clean etc etc. Now I have a new car and I honestly do not wish to invest any more money in to this, it is becoming a bit of a money pit that I personally no longer want. The Heater Matrix has now perished at 115,000 miles and has soiled the front carpets, I have no way of drying the car out in the middle of winter and it's now sat on the street since I purchased a different car a few months back.

I've fitted a bypass hose to the end of the matrix connector under the bonnet, this way the coolant system can be pressurized and car driven. The car is due an Mot and I would ideally like this gone before April when the Insurance is up.

Bad Bits / Main things of concern:
  • Heater Matrix needs replacing / No cabin heater
  • The exhaust manifold (TU5JP engine) has a hairline crack and leaks exhaust fumes. This has never been picked up on Mot's but has been like it for some time
  • Central Locking no longer works correctly
  • Quite a bumpy ride with Bilstein B6's on it. Not my cup of tea anymore
What do I want for it?
I do not have a particular amount to mind, I am mainly looking to part ways with it so a token amount from a fellow board member would suffice. I understand that a lot has been spent on it and I am certainly not expecting to make any of it back! If you're interested, feel free to make an offer.

Where is it?
Lets just say I'm around the M25 Junction 9 area, Leatherhead/London etc.

Anyway, all the best and thanks for reading! Any questions just shout!

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Hi Nex. Looking back I'd forgotten how much love you gave this car. It all looks pretty free of rust so hopefully someone with a bit of enthusiasm for sorting out a few mechanical issues will bag themselves a bargain. Good luck with finding a buyer. Cheers.
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Wrong end of the country & utterly skint ATM Sad This would be a 100% definite aside from those two small details, dammit.

Someone has to save this car though, it's far too nice. Good luck with the sale, and to whomever ends up with the car you better look after her!
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