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Finally have a '6, Spares or repair car now got an MOT!
Ah......all this fancy crap the Rallye didn't get!

Less to go wrong I suppose!
Cherry Red Rallye - Full on OEM resto.....
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It's not that bad getting the bonnet cable back through, done it a few times now, that just looks like laziness lol.
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I didn't feel like doing much this weekend but the clutch pedal didn't feel right still so I thought I'd take a look at it.

The throw on the pedal seemed too long and it seemed really high.

[Image: DSCN9449_zpspgey5cxt.jpg]

It looks like someone did a bit of a bodge, they bent the bracket the stop and the clutch switch usually goes on. Also there was a bolt with a bit of rubber on.

[Image: DSCN9447_zpsxj9zrvgt.jpg]

I took the pedal and bracket off to straighten and grease the pivot.

[Image: DSCN9450_zpsm2ibo0n6.jpg]

I left the bolt on as I thought the pedal would be at the same height after straightening the bracket.

[Image: DSCN9451_zpsmrnfbs82.jpg]

The pedal back on and it feels so much better now.

[Image: DSCN9452_zpsocoyyk4p.jpg]

I also replaced the fuel pump relay as the casing was broken on the one on the car.

[Image: DSCN9454_zpsueuuzczg.jpg]

That's it for today.
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Been doing a couple more bits on the car, exhaust and seats.

Bought a full set of seats from a chap off the '6 forum. The seats are in great condition apart from the drivers, the back isn't too bad but the base is bad.

I saw them and thought I could try swapping the base covers from the passenger to the drivers. The bases them selves are completely different because of the height adjust.

The seats I bought.
[Image: IMG_5158.JPG_zps8me1uyzy.jpeg]

[Image: IMG_5159.JPG_zpskd9pv6rw.jpeg]

[Image: IMG_5163.JPG_zpsoifcrcld.jpeg]

[Image: IMG_5150.JPG_zpsaxcil3pv.jpeg]

A bit of staining on the passenger base from storage.
[Image: IMG_5151.JPG_zpskdppszmu.jpeg]

The two seats apart
[Image: IMG_20160906_154821_zpswsuqn51g.jpg]

You can see the difference in the base here.
[Image: IMG_20160906_163159_zpshbr7ypwc.jpg]

Old out the car next to the replacement.
[Image: DSCN9480_zpsjulftdxb.jpg]

£3.20 and a hair clip found at the side of the seat Smile
[Image: DSCN9479_zpswc3i3vy0.jpg]

New seat in after a quick hoover.
[Image: DSCN9483_zpsimz0ygue.jpg]

It was a pain in the arse to do and not the best but it is passable.

I bought a mid box off ebay so I can fit the rear box I bought a while back also the mid box that was on the car looked like it was the wrong one, it was too short and as I've just found out the silencer is also too small. The explains why it was a lot louder then expected.

The exit pipe from the rear box to the tip on the old box went down to 45mm, where the rest of the system is 50mm.

[Image: DSCN9462_zpspg2gsqpk.jpg]

New box good to see 50mm.
[Image: DSCN9463_zpsodbazweb.jpg]

Difference in centre section.
[Image: IMG_20160905_153345_zpstett934k.jpg]

I noticed a couple of issues with the new back box, one the inlet flange is not welded on at the correct angle. The centre just about sealed on the flange.
[Image: IMG_20160905_161827_zpsk3s3s99h.jpg]

The angle new and old.
[Image: IMG_20160905_161450_zpsogsekoc6.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160905_161601_zpsv2ulfyme.jpg]

The worrying bit the hanger isn't welded right, the weld on the box has come away and the hanger is partially broken.
[Image: IMG_20160905_161355_zps6i7bp0oz.jpg]

Also there is a crack where the steel has been folded.
[Image: IMG_20160905_161341_zpsrthnne4e.jpg]

I took the box back to Peugeot, I wanted to change it for the other they have but they said I had to order a new one the same then they'd take it back or book the car in to the service department for them to take a look at it. So the car is booked in for tomorrow. If the mechanic say it's ok I'll be charged £80 p/h lol.

I told the guy that the box it not fit for purpose and I'm allowed a refund because of this but he said it's there procedure.

I'm going to show the mechanic the photos before he takes the car on the remaps, if he say he needs to take a look him self I'm think of just taking it off myself and giving it him. I really don't want to be stuck with this dodgy box and have to pay another £80 on top.
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Well I went and spoke to the service manager, showed him photos then argued with him for 10 mins. Then he said what I wanted to here, it wasn't his responsibility.

I took the back box off there and then and took the still hot exhaust to the parts department where the service manager was talking to the parts manager. The crack in the skin now had signs of the exhaust gasses leaking.

Took another 45 minutes of arguing them saying I had damaged the box and them saying because it was fitted they wouldn't take it back and me stating it wasn't fit for purpose for them to find the other back box I ordered a while back (the one without the chrome tip) and you could clearly see the flange was on the piss. At the start the Parts manager also said the flange couldn't be welded wrong, I said that yes it would have been in a jig but it still could have been in the jig wrong.

After them getting the other box out the managers manner changed and was being more reasonable, I was happy with a swap for the better quality OE unit.

The new back box has been fitted now and the car sounds awesome under load. Not as boomy on the motorway.

I took the car up to Wolverhampton the other week to see my new niece and the got up there fine but while up there when I took my nephew out in it the clutch started feeling scratchy and heavier.

When I got back I took the peddle apart and greased the moving parts but made no difference. I then thought it must be the cable as I didn't replace it when doing the clutch. I changed that tonight and now the clutch is so light, could be lighter then the 206 clutch.

You can see here the plastic coating on the inner has come away so the scratchy feeling was the metal inner and outer were wearing on each other.

[Image: IMG_20160920_200306_zpsxdufodlg.jpg]

Working in the dark again Sad
[Image: IMG_20160920_200025_zpsqbkiyl7c.jpg]

It's no wonder the cable drys out, the cable is closer to the exhaust then on the HDI. I might have to make a heat shield to help.
[Image: IMG_20160920_195709_zpsxvq6je9q.jpg]

The car is going to be off the road for winter and I'm thinking of parking it up next week Sad Really going to miss driving it over the next 6 months.

It would be nice if I could take the engine out over this time but I can't on the drive because of the slope Sad
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Got started on this to today.

There were some creaks and squeaks coming from the dash and a couple of bulbs out.

I stripped down the centre console.
[Image: IMG_20170408_144031_zpshov08fwi.jpg]

Replaced the bulbs in the heater panel and cig light. I swapped the heater panel front with the one from the estate as the one on the '6 had a bit missing from the AC button and there were cracks in the black vinyl that allowed light to come through when the lights were on. So the only good part that came on the estate got swapped out on to this car.

The back of the silver panels I attached some foam tape and cloth tape to stop the plastic creaking noises. I also re-positioned the passenger airbag as that would creak to. There was a bolt missing from the passenger side of the dash that allowed the dash to move about a little so fixed that and the dash was better fixed.

[Image: IMG_20170408_145056_zpszggdt9hf.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20170408_145103_zpsqyec4xli.jpg]

Bloody N/S/F spring broke when moving the car off the drive. Gutted, but I've got some Eibach springs and Bilstein B8 to go on but I would have liked to have back to back them with the standard setup.

You can't really see anything here but I took a photo anyway.
[Image: IMG_20170304_162811_zpsj2bsnhut.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20170304_162728_zpsxdimlsj8.jpg]

I also got around to fitting the OEM centre section of the exhaust.
The OEM next to the Klarus. The OEM box is slightly smaller.
[Image: IMG_20170304_155740_zpsrhvag5gi.jpg]

Little shied on the OEM box
[Image: IMG_20170304_155807_zpskmgibv8k.jpg]

No weld on the connection piece to the backbox on the OEM. I normally see the pattern systems fail here when that weld rots out.
[Image: IMG_20170304_155811_zps90lyyqmc.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20170304_155819_zpsc7t0y2gu.jpg]

Can't wait the hear how it sounds once the car is back on the road.

Hopefully sort the suspension out this week in the evenings once I have all the parts.
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Have read your thread through from the beginning & am so impressed, as with many other projects on here.  Definitely no lack of motivation to get things done.  I've got a 16v XSi sat in a garage that I've barely touched in 2 years.  The plan was to give it a thorough tidy up I've barely touched it.  I really should pull my finger out!!!
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Thank you for your kind words.

I do find it difficult to motivate myself at times. When that happens I try to have a little break away from it then I feel a little refreshed and ready to start.

You should try starting a project thread to keep track and it's surprising how much better you feel when you see all you have got done.
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Last week I got the car back on the road.

First thing I needed to sort out was this broken spring.

[Image: IMG_20170414_140515_zps3bizxghe.jpg]

I decided to remove the hub to make it easier to get the strut out.

[Image: IMG_20170415_114429_zpsvv02dwf0.jpg]

The strut removed.

[Image: IMG_20170415_125425_zpspsto8yd5.jpg]

There was slight damage to the underseal from where the broken spring hit the body.

[Image: IMG_20170415_114655_zps27f0yiey.jpg]

The broken spring.

[Image: IMG_20170415_114701_zpsoze5twba.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20170415_114718_zps7ghzscdo.jpg]

Looks like the drop link was the one that came on the car from the factory. Date code says 99 and the they are TWR.

[Image: IMG_20170415_114931_zpslpkztlz8.jpg]

I went to buy some springs off a chap off the '6 forum. He couldn't be bothered to remove them off the struts so he gave me complete strut units for the same price.

They look very good at first sight.

[Image: IMG_20170415_115109_zpsesv93rai.jpg]

But the top mounts had seen better days.

[Image: IMG_20170415_115118_zpss87hk9le.jpg]

And there is a bit of rust on them.

[Image: IMG_20170415_115138_zps4uc3fgnq.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20170415_115151_zpskokvv5um.jpg]

I got the compressors out to the replace the top mounts.

[Image: IMG_20170415_124816_zpsxx79cro6.jpg]

The underside of the towers look nice and rust free, which I was very happy to see.

[Image: IMG_20170415_125436_zpsutu0ujwj.jpg]

I meant to replace the bottom ball joints when I had the wishbones off but I didn't have enough time then so got it done this time.

[Image: IMG_20170415_132129_zps4irsesli.jpg]

I had some paint left over a while back so I used it on the ball joint heat shields to stop them rusting.

[Image: IMG_20170415_132828_zpsibryl8o6.jpg]

When I collected the car the previous owner told me he had the drop link on the O/S replaced and he had a spare that was meant to go on the N/S but I found the one he gave me was the wrong length.

[Image: IMG_20170415_134802_zpsspx2oc4d.jpg]

The strut all back together and back on the car.

[Image: IMG_20170415_140557_zpsoxqslbmx.jpg]

The standard audio setup on 2001 306's are very good and the main thing that improves them over the old set up is the tweeters in the mirror covers. They lift the sound stage and improves the sound image. So I bought some off a chap breaking a 1.4l car on FaceBook. Unfortunately the plastic has greyed over time, I'll need to sort that out at some point.

[Image: IMG_20170415_190423_zpspdvkaysq.jpg]

I also installed a small sub and amp in the car. It was handy as a previous owner had left the cables in the car so it didn't take long to install.

The last job I did was rotate the OSF tyre with the OSR and as I done up the last bolt I noticed something in the tyre. I thought it was a nail and I was thinking of leaving it there but I thought I best remove it.

At this point I thought I had wasted my time. The whole point in getting this work done that day was so I could take the car away with me on a family holiday and there was no way I'd stick the spare on it for the trip. I had no energy left to borrow the wheels off the Dturbo.

But thankfully it was only the tip of a screw and it hadn't gone deep, no where near going through the tyre.

[Image: IMG_20170415_192435_zps0i828hvw.jpg]

I then gave the Dturbo and '6 a quick wash.

[Image: IMG_20170414_164104_zpsht70leio.jpg]

The car hit 130k on the way up to Wolverhampton.

[Image: IMG_20170415_234504_zpsieoj6k43.jpg]

On the journey to Wolves I noticed a bit of creaking coming from the radio. I took the deck out and notice where the back of the deck has a rubber spindle and should engage in to something there was nothing for the spindle to rest on. It looks like the bracket is upside down and should be the other way.

[Image: IMG_20170416_095119_zpsnkgc3r0s.jpg]

At my dads I thought I'd replace the ICV and at the time I thought I had the wrong unit. For some silly reason I thought the shaft was meant the be the same length but I know think that the shaft on the new one is retracted and because I thought the new to be wrong at the time I just cleaned up the old unit and the plastic housing and put that back on the car. I then did a ECU reset which helped the idle.

[Image: IMG_20170416_161506_zpsggdxkbno.jpg]

While away I noticed the breather pipe off the rocker cover were on the wrong way and I think this is the reason I was getting more oil then I thought there should be.

[Image: IMG_20170418_165359_zpscmfj0sa5.jpg]

I tried swapping the pipes around but they had hardened and the one pipe wouldn't go on the larger barb. In the end I cut off the the squashed 20mm of the pipe and that was enough to get in on the barb. The engine seems a little happier now and hopefully it'll sort the oil issue. I was starting to think the oil was from excessive pressure from blow by and worn piston rings.

The trip to wolves was two hours and then a three hour trip to North Yorkshire. I would have like to have done some local driving before going on such a long trip but everything went well.

Next to do will be to replace the OSF bottom ball joint and top mount as the top mount makes a little noise when pushing that corner down. I would also need to replace the brake lines and then it'll be MOT time. I've also got a replacement windscreen to go on but I need to find someone to fit it.
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Picked the car up yesterday from the MOT station and it's now got another years ticket. Only advisory was the rust on the chassis leg, hopefully that'll be fixed this year.
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(28-04-2017, 04:26 PM)DeeTurbo Wrote: Picked the car up yesterday from the MOT station and it's now got another years ticket. Only advisory was the rust on the chassis leg, hopefully that'll be fixed this year.

Always a good feeling the fresh mot, well done
On a break from 306oc for personal reasons. If anyone needs or wants me most of you have my number and or facebook messenger
Thanks for the good times guys n gals. I might be back. Who knows.
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Fantastic diary of what keeping an old (and special!) Peugeot is like!
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The car is a credit to you - many of these things would have killed it off a long time ago had it not been your ability to spot, care about and sort - some of it serious workshop stuff.
keep it going!
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Just read the entire thread Dee - top work! Any updates on the car over the summer?
190k Moonstone 3dr HDI sold
..on the lookout for a 6/rallye

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Thanks guys.

I couldn't get things sorted this year till this month so the car sat for 10 months.

On first start up the lifters had drained and the engine didn't sound to great but a oil and filter change sorted that out.

Fresh MOT and a service and it's now been on the road the last two weeks.

The discs have suffered pretty badly with rust but a cleaning up with use but I'd like to get one of those scrub pads that attach to a grinder to clean up but I'm away this weekend so not going to be able to do it till after. I'll be taking the car this weekend to.

I hit 13200k on the way home from work in it today.
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Couple of photos for you all. [Image: dcf7a07e10bf036512632359dbb993d4.jpg][Image: 41d4b92fb7f37c0af40fe59ffaaa0fae.jpg]
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While I'd got some time on my hands I thought I'd update this thread as it had been a while.

The reason for the lack of updates, I'd been saving to buy a pile of bricks in the shape of a house, unfortunately I couldn't afford to get one with a garage and enough room to park all my cars.

Not much had happened on the car in the last two years, in 2018 I'd swapped the N/S door with a less dented one but the shade is slightly off.

You can see that the skins been pushed in and the check strap has creased the metal
[Image: aRT93BL.jpg]

You can't really see it from a distance
[Image: VB1WXPp.jpg]
The wing is also slightly pushed in and I'd like to replace that to at some point and get them blown over so they match a little better and like a little tidier.

Door removed
[Image: tH3CQF0.jpg]

You can see the shade is slightly off here
[Image: OXk0YCp.jpg]
[Image: yYOqLS4.jpg]

Last year I had the seat I'd removed from the car repaired.

You can see here a small bit of leather on the bolster had been replaced as the old one had started to wear through
[Image: klJ9ASF.jpg]
[Image: MloXOpb.jpg]

The seat back in the car
[Image: 4sqQtO1.jpg]

How the seat was originally
[Image: wL2gR83.jpg]

The alcantera on the base of the seat and the bit on the upper bolster were replaced.

The quality of the work was average, good for the price but I wouldn't of minded paying more for a better finish.

At the moment the car is parked up at my parents place just over 100 miles away.

I think one of the first things I'll do after an oil and filter change is going to be swap out the drivers door handle as it Nile blue.

I was hoping to build a 6m x 5m workshop at the rear of the house but it has no rear access and only 1.7m wide alley to get to the rear so it'll mainly be used for my karting stuff.

I say hoping, I was meant to start it two weeks ago but with all that's going on I've been put on furlough. I'm not sure how my work will come back after this all subsides so there might be redundancies in the near future and I can't afford to spend my savings on the workshop at the moment.
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