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Peugeot 306 S16 PH1
Another update guys !

Remember when I said that the keyword was rust ? Wait, there is more ! All because a leaky sunroof

[Image: stkumry.jpg]

[Image: kaf0uMp.jpg]

[Image: SrK4ZiX.jpg]

[Image: aZbKUYX.jpg]

[Image: 2jLsca4.jpg]

[Image: lc3Y5yG.jpg]

New roof

[Image: Z5njTZn.jpg]

[Image: ndnIZTc.jpg]

[Image: aHoZx3T.jpg]

[Image: C4goBkp.jpg]

[Image: VTbAKns.jpg]

[Image: p3JxcKO.jpg]

[Image: ijDWGQX.jpg]

All done:

[Image: wvlfO18.jpg]

I don't know if I will get hate on me for deleting the sunroof. I do miss it tho, when it worked  Undecided
Couldn't repair the rust because was everyhere, the cheaper was to replace the roof. But I guess it was a safe bet, it's hard to find one with a sunroof that has no rust. And now I'll not worry about rust no more. Either way, was all done by the tig welds on the roof and welded back together.

Feel free to leave your feedback. More updates coming
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dedication right there.

looks a good job though.
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Awesome project. I kinda fancied having a sunroof but after seeing the problems they can cause I'm glad I haven't got one. Sunroof causing rust = remove sunroof! When are the new wheels getting fitted?
190k Moonstone 3dr HDI sold
..on the lookout for a 6/rallye

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(01-09-2017, 08:15 AM)mr_fish Wrote: dedication right there.

looks a good job though.

Thanks mate !

(01-09-2017, 01:24 PM)partybish Wrote: Awesome project.  I kinda fancied having a sunroof but after seeing the problems they can cause I'm glad I haven't got one.  Sunroof causing rust = remove sunroof!  When are the new wheels getting fitted?

Thanks mate ! Same, I liked the sunroof option but after seeing this, thank god I've remove it. Probably the new wheels will be fitted next month I need tyres too, reparing the rear axle and mouting the brembo 4 pot and coils.

This month new coilovers will come I hope ! Blush Need more money for car parts !!
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Hello guys, I have some news

Changed the front bumper, the other one was repaired but didn't repaired it the right way


[Image: 4G4ulEY.jpg]

[Image: 5CzWGpU.jpg]

[Image: 4w7Go09.jpg]

[Image: FUKBCP0.jpg]

[Image: cvm8QTr.jpg]


[Image: C4mh02U.jpg]

[Image: UKkWaUc.jpg]

[Image: 6D1hRo6.jpg]

New wheels fitted !

[Image: V9nUwIQ.jpg]

[Image: pA7ycLY.jpg]

[Image: m13kEDm.jpg]

[Image: IktsPs2.jpg]

[Image: uQtvQHe.jpg]

[Image: SoAZrDU.jpg]

And welcome brake squeal !! I'll try to solve this problem without buying tarox discs. Let me see how this goes.

Coilovers still waiting on them. I'm still looking for a front badge because mine is faded
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Very nice! Smile
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It's been a long year and noting much happen.

I installed Yellow Speed Coilovers (I'll upload the pictures when I have it)
Did a track day on Estoril in September.

And now, new year .... new rust and repairs !

There was water on the passager floor, it was so damped that I had to remove the floor carpet, Had to remove the isolation below the dash also. There is spots of rust everywhere due to a leaky sunroof...

In this case I think that the water is coming from the door rubber, but not sure... anyone experience that ? And what is the solutions ?

So here's some pictures of the work that I still have to do...

If any of you have an advice to take the isolating material off without dry ice, please tell me.

[Image: yUk4IHz.jpg]

[Image: de6uTnV.jpg]

[Image: vZfRjQC.jpg]

[Image: HWR9YM0.jpg]

[Image: SgqsAc8.jpg]
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First there's a picture of mine first track day with the car in Estoril.

[Image: hgUtLVu.jpg]

[Image: DB5KshM.jpg]

And yes, my car sound like its electric... (it's the 2nd 306)

I'll not talk about my best time on track... IT SUCKS  Dodgy  Confused

I've taken this days to make some progress on the S16

[Image: LdFi3kH.jpg]

[Image: nmgP3dG.jpg]

[Image: UBpXOyo.jpg]

[Image: nWBo3de.jpg]

[Image: Qf5Hxgu.jpg]

[Image: sTJNmEg.jpg]

Then I have the dash out to change the carpet and I've done the matrix and removed the aftermarket alarm on the car .
Now the car doesn't start, I've removed the dash again... And found a couple of the cluster cables on the connectors broken off....

[Image: Nqkm0Pp.jpg]

[Image: yQpmDYN.jpg]

[Image: eAWG5q6.jpg]
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Cheers for the update Pingaz. Some good work going on there. Hope aren't too bad in Portugal at the moment. I know they've got pretty bad in Spain.
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(29-03-2020, 12:29 PM)Mighty306 Wrote: Cheers for the update Pingaz. Some good work going on there. Hope aren't too bad in Portugal at the moment. I know they've got pretty bad in Spain.

Thank you Mighty, unfortunately, we already have 120 deads and 6k cases... People don't care... We have a little bit of sun and some of them come outside and brake the emergency lockdown... They walk to the beach like we don't have any virus on here... And normally, some of them, doesn't go out must on the normal days...

If we continue like this, we'll be the same as Italy or Spain...
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Humm, that doesn't sound good. Hopefully people will see sense. Luckily pretty much everyone here seems to be paying attention to the rules now, but only after the police were given powers to fine people who were gathering together. Can't say it's easy though ...would love to be out & about more.

Back to the car, looking back through your pics reminded me how great a 306 looks on those Team Dynamics wheels. I really need to look at picking up a set for myself, probably in anthracite. 

Take care & cheers again for the posts.
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Hello guys,

So, not so funny story... (not an April fools joke).

After I toke the dash out, I've removed the aftermarket alarm which was already cut off, and re-doo all the wiring.

Now the car doesn't start, I don't have 12v on the pump, it doesn't prime.

The car starts with some brake cleaner, without issues. I have a keypad and I guess an unlocked ECU, as the keypad always shows a green light.

I can ear the relay behind the ECU clicking as I'm turning the key. I've also bridged the pins 8 and 5, It doesn't prime either.

What seems to be the issue? I'm better off doing some wiring from the pump to some wire that has 12v as I turn the ignition?

The S16 doesn't have an inertia switch right?

Thank you, stay safe !
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I found the problem. It was me...

The connectors below the glove box weren't connected properly.... I have a plug that doesn't connect well, something is broken of...

I guess I'll not do the same mistake again ...


Stay safe
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