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turbo adapter
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5Hi fixed my boost leak on my xud Berlingo today. Then when I rev it looks like may manifold adapter could be leaking we puff black smoke have a gt17 from a saab on a xud mani Will this kill my turbo ?
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nope, won't kill your turbo

but it may well kill you* by leaking exhaust gasses into the engine bay / cabin
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Cheers just don't have time to take it back out the now windows down most time anyway lol
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it'll kill you... over a very very very VERY long time (the tiny soot particles can build up in your lungs - over a period of decades)

Either get a machine shop to flatten the adaptor, or use a buttload of exhaust paste, and hope it sticks. All you're doing is losing power.

The Saab GT1752 is a very capable turbo Smile
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