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Battery relocation
So went to a scrapy and bagged myself two merc battery cables for £5
[Image: 20ddfa9890b9cc8d5aced26e611b57d4.jpg]
The cables the thickness of my finger and one come off a turbo diesel estate and the other a 6 cylinder petrol estate (same cable).
Will these be man enough for a relocation and whats the best way to run a setup?
Earth to the body ...or... an earth ran from the bay aswell as the posi
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If its the size of your finger, ts probably big enough but can you measure the diameter of the copper?
Run the power line (carefully) from a proper joint box to the new battery location then earth the battery with a cable the same size as the positive to as close to the battery to a clean (bare metal) and secure place.
You will also need to run an earth cable from the engine block to the body otherwise the car won't start.
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I just ran a positive cable .and grounded it to one of the  bolts holding the bumper lol and has worked fine for me ever since :-)
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If merc use it with all their chronic electrical bs it'll be fine on a 306 with some wubz.
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