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will this fit
Any one know if this turbo pipe will fit a 306 hdi for fmic
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Might do, try it and let us know. If you need to be right to get it all sorted quickly, i'd suggest picking up a 110 hdi pipe from a 406 or c5 anyway, which you can always sell on at what you bought it for if it turns out you don't need it.
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I just bought two of these to find out they don't fit. Not sure if the compressor housing is rotated round on the 110?

Instead I just made my own pipe work and ran it around the side of the sump and through the gap.
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What size pipes and joiners did you use steve n atm I'm using the normal turbo pipe but as I'm putting a new turbo on was gona do it the less restrictive and proper way here's a pic of the reconditioned turbo aswell
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If you get the C5 pipe (long, curved one) you will need a long tailed 41mm 90degree bend
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Been searching ebay n can't find 406 or c5 bottom pipe but I've come across this one its off a 2.2 c8 anyone think this will fit with a 41mm 90bend
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