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Replacement starter motor advice
My 306DT has been struggling to start since I bought it, today went to EXE batteries in Plymouth to test the battery before buying a new one. Battery seems fine (shopkeeper used a battery tester) and alternator puts out 14.5V so all good. Finally the car struggled to start even after running so not the glow plugs (runs fine once it's going). Therefore must be the starter motor.

I've found this one on ebay which looks good. A friend cautioned me to get a replacement with the same number of teeth on the pinion so I contacted the seller to ask if the number of teeth should be specified, seller replied:

Quote:hi Jack ,this heavy duty upgrade starter replaces all the smaller versions with 9,10 & 11 teeth so no problem regardless of what you take off.

thanks Frank

Which makes sense to me since the motor manufacturer can just offset the motor on the mounting plate to account for the slightly different pinion diameter.

Can anyone confirm or deny?
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TL;DR does the number of teeth on the starter motor pinion matter or are they offset according?

Going to buy the motor shortly, can probably send it back if it doesn't fit but would be annoying.
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In case anyone's interested I ended up buying the one I linked above and fitted it this weekend, car starts like a boss now Big Grin

I received a reconditioned bosch unit, weighed about 50% more than the one I took off. Had to change the connector on the end of the small cable.
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would habe had no problem with a working standard one, mine have always started on the button, glad u got it sorted though Smile
Phase 1 D-Turdo, K14@24 psi, De-cat, meaty backbox, Bosch pump, grinded LDA pin, duel air fed K&N =133.7bhp & 188ft/lbs
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New vs old, old one has good brushes but was missing one of the two main long bolts that hold the body together. Can probably recondition it nicely for a few quid.

[Image: IMAG0271_zpsefef5b89.jpg~original]
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