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Starter motor ?
Right basically I hit a speedbump a tad to quick as it was sunk in a dip bottomed the car out ( lowered a lot ) and engine cut out would start it turned over at first then just all the dash lights came on and the stop light towed it home left it a day and boom it fired up first time so I've taken it off road to tidy it up and have been starting it up once a week but now it won't start, as I turn the key all the way to start it it just clunks Like a metallic ping but quite a hefty one and I'm almost certain it's coming from the starter motor ? Used a piece if wood and can feel the clunk pretty well and hear it new starter motor or could this be something else ??
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Normally a start motor will be lots of quick clicks.. not a clunk sure you didn't loose the oil when you bottomed out?
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Yeah oil level is fine :-) just been out to investigate and the clunk is defo coming from the starter motor :-(
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I'd just put another starter on for the sake of £10

Edit: just realised you don't have a 306 now? Take the starter off and bench test it
[Image: image_zps45f2003b.jpg]

Team Doesn't own a 306
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Nah still got the 306 it was off the road for a while having some work then i was going to sell it and now it's back off again cos its shit lol need to get started on restoring my jetta so this needs to be back on the road :-) as I don't want to be driving the golf everyday :-(
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Sounds like a dead battery tbh! How long were you running it after starting?
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An hour or so after starting and all the electrics work fine nothing is slow or fading battery seems good its only a year old tried it again today and the starter motor just clunks when I turn the ignition
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Ah right, should be plenty long enough to recharge batt then and doesn't sound as though its low.

Probably is a faulty starter then. I think I still have one or two left that I can post if needed.
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