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More Rotherham Autotronix Rolling Road Meet
My Videos from the Rolling Road. All from back apart from Padges as the smoke just covered the camera.

[Image: 20120303120753.jpg]
[Image: 20120303120725.jpg]
[Image: th_03032012064.jpg]
[Image: th_03032012063.jpg]
[Image: th_03032012062.jpg]
[Image: th_03032012061.jpg]
TD04 11mm Sedan, now 2.1 vnt

Sedan Project

Provence Dturbo Dead
Blaze 1.6 Dead
China 5dr '6 Death by cambelt failure
Matt White HDI estate Death by wiring
Sedan Dturbo aka triggers broom
Diablo estate Dturbo Living dead
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Looks pretty good! I think i prefer the sound of the moonstone or mrcheez
[Image: IMG_20130925_181339_zps95df48fa.jpg]
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