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NGK Glow Plugs
Went out this morning, scraped the global warming off the screen and then tried to start the car.

No joy, turned out that two plugs were faulty. NGK 924 plugs . . . they're not the most reliable b ut they seem to be the only ones motor factors stock.

Has anyone got any other brands they'd recommend?

There's only one thing I can think is a positive for NGK plugs: They don't get chance to rust into your head.
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Beru are what I always use, oem afaik, others like Bosch duraterms which I'm sure are good too but usually a bit more expensive Smile
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NGK glow plugs are shit, loads of people have issues with them.

Fit the OEM Beru or Bosch alternatives and no more worries.
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Duraterms for me. Never had a problem.
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Bosch, fitted to every Xud ive had and never hd to change them again....ever.
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picked mine up with ngks recently put in (admittedly dont know how recent but looked new still) and had to change them 2 were dying and one was dead duraterms installed now starts sweet Smile
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Yeah I struggled with my 1yr old NGKs today. Will be getting some bosch or Beru when theres an offer soon
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As people say, Bosch duraterms work great, starts on the button always after 1 cycle
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