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Differential - rockyarsenal - 14-02-2020

I have a series 2 xsi 16v can you change the diff with the gearbox insitu ?

RE: Differential - cully - 18-02-2020

done it a few times on the GTI6 its tight and you have to remove 2 out of the 3 engine mounts

[Image: 49553741001_6c030b2aa4_z.jpg]

RE: Differential - Eeyore - 26-02-2020

Are you changing the diff for a LSD? Its a really nice upgrade on a 306 so i highly recommend it! The quaife ones dont require any maintenance either but only work when both wheels are on the ground. Youd need a plated diff for more gains but then it requires maintenance, so its not really for every day use.