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Ebay rant
How'd it go mate? Got anywhere with paypal?

On the subject of ebay - I've got an unresponsive, non-paying buyer now.

It was 99p so I couldn't really give a crap but thats not the point.

The point is I saw he had 100% feedback and gave him the benefit of the doubt that he'd pay later. Anyway, that feedback is only 1 and is bad, the seller put it in the good feedback column to warn others but I hadn't checked before. Just read it. Confused

The daft ebay rules say you can't just cancel it - you have to ask the buyer to cancel it! So he's not paid and no communication...what chance is there he's gonna cancel it? Rolleyes

But now I'm worried he may have my paypal details from winning the item. I dunno whether to report him to ebay or wait and see what happens or what else? Undecided
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Report him dude
[Image: k6f9Fk]

Member of the 99% warning or you're nothing club
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Phone up eBay you'll always get a better response :-)
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Well I'm abit stuck with it all at the moment PayPal want more information that the police won't give me under some data protection crap so I need to write a letter to someone requesting the information under freedom of information Sad as it stands I'm still out of pocket half a item and PayPal just ent botherd Sad

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