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Well last night I went through a flood dip thinking it wasnt deep cos a slamed vectra went through before me but just my look I suck water up my intake n kill the engine so today ive taken injectors and glow plugs, turned it over and about a liter of water squirted out so put everything back together leavin inter cooler off as that was full of water and want to start it to blow all water out of the turbo pipes and it fied up squirt shit loads of water out of the thick pipe that goes onto intercooler,

My question is will it have done and damage to anything else? Guna do a oil change aswell tmw but im worried would it have done anything to my turbo? Its not smoking any more than normal so hopfully not
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possible. once its properly dried out, put it back together and see how it runs. only thing you can do now!
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Same thing happened to one i was fixing, apart from the stupid f*uckers tried to bump start it, bent one rod and that caused low oil pressure, other than that i cant see much other damage happing
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Dick! Could have hydra locked the lump mate if you want me to come have a look giz a ring
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I had the same story as you poped out plugs and so on and squirted water out. dried it all out but it had bent the con rods Undecided hydro lock Undecided
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Everything back up and running its sweet so cant see it have bent a rod bloke who pulled me home sed that itll bend a rod if we bump it or keep turnin it over so left it got home had a sleep went and took injectors and glow plugs out, the amount of water that came would o bin enough for gypo shower lol
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I've done this recently. I'm fearing the worse. Haven't done a compression test yet.

The joys of running an intakeless turbo...
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