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307 Common boost leak area's???
Hi guys im not too familiar with the HDi engine i may be totally wrong but just guessing they are similar setup to a 307 HDi, my friend is popping her car round to my work tomoz and the symptoms shes described are basically split hose, just wondering if anyone has come across spots where they tend to go.

Like on my 306 Dtub the pipe off turbo to intercooler splits regulary etc

Any help would be great

[Image: J5hxCcC.jpg]
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If it's the 2.0 HDi 90bhp model, then it's the same engine. I would check the turbo outlet silicone and around the egr-inlet elbow area.
306 HDi Deathtrap - 130bhp / 220lbft

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Bit hard to check on hdi as access is so poor, tho its only got 2 rubber hoses one on the top L pipe and one on the turbo, tho that will be a get under the car job.
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