306 XS Value

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306 XS Value
I have a 2000(V) black 306 XS 1.8 16v (see profile pic). All original and owned since less than a year old and only done 55k. She's never needed any major work and still runs like new. Changing circumstances mean she is hardly being used now and I don't have anywhere off-road to keep her so it (might) be time for her to go.

I'm not sure how to value such a vehicle. Are the XS models desirable? And are these sorts of vehicles going up in value or is that wishful thinking?!
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I think prices of 306's have gone up because the price of all secondhand cars have gone up. I'm not sure they are collectable yet, but there might be someone out there who has their eye on one. I've seen some people asking fairly healthy prices for a decent HDi or 1.8 (in the region of £2,000) but it's a pretty small sample & they may not have gone for asking price. Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck with the sale.
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I would think the XS is still desirable within 306s. 3dr GTi looks with a lighter, more revvy engine and cheaper to fuel & insure. What's not to like!?

However, I'm not sure they're particularly desirable in general. I don't think you'll have a tonne of buyers lining up, so something like eBay auction wouldn't be a good idea for this imo.

Would expect to wait for a buyer regardless of price, so would want to list for a month or more. But due to the rarity, if a buyer does want one, they're likely to pay whatever you're asking when they do see it!

I'd say start around £1900...you can always come down. I don't think it'll crack £2k but I'm happy to be proved wrong!
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Thanks to both of you. I'd love to prove you wrong on the £2k @Toms306 that's if I can find it in myself to sell her!
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