Dash removal

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Dash removal
Hi again forum, hope someone can help and advise...

I need to remove the dash to get to heater unit to replace a leaky matrix, any advise, tips etc. Please ?

Does the main loom come out with the dash or can/does the loom remain in place on the bulkhead etc. ?

Thanks in advance, all info gratefully received.

Ps, pug 306 2l hdi estate phase 3 1999/2000...
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Hi there. Hope you're doing well. This is the best guide I've found online & successfully followed it to remove my dash.

FAQ? Dash removal with pics! - FAQ Forum - Peugeot 306 GTi-6 & Rallye Owners Club (306gti6.com)

There's actually less to it than you might think, but it's slow going first time around.
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