Earth locations

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Earth locations
I have the pug earth location diagram and list and the earth location points in the Haynes manual, both suggesting an earth point on the passenger front door pillar and behind the dash.

Please can anyone tell me the more or less exact locations please as they seem well hidden !


Pug 306 hdi estate phase 3 1999/2000
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Does this help? The descriptions of the locations are probably more useful. I guessing you need to remove the door trim & pull the carpet back.

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Thanks mighty, that's the he diagram I have. I have found no9 but where is no10 ?

Passenger seat and carpet is out ( now dry ) but I cannot find no10.

Will have another good look for no10.

Turns out the tank fuel pump may have died. Hot wiring it's terminals to a slave battery ( cars battery disconnected ) it refuses to work.

It probably died whilst it was left running the other day. I found the engine had stopped on return from having a cuppa.

I was quite noisy and felt rough a couple of days beforehand. It's done 126k miles so haven't done too badly.

Monday I will remove the pump from the tank and have a look-see...grrrrrrrrr
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