Central locking/deadlocking/immobiliser going beserk.

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Central locking/deadlocking/immobiliser going beserk.
Help please....

306 hdi estate phase 3, 1999/2000, where is the bsi hidden please ?

Need to check connection to it just in case that's what's wrong.

Car been fine since december last year, but it's been raining lots with water getting in somewhere on passenger side so inside of car damp/humid.

I suspect poor Connections due to damp.

Also, what colour are the wires to the tank pump motor please as that has developed noise ( more than usual ) since the non starting( cranks fine ) and door lock problem.

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Hopefully these will help re the central locking module. http://www.306gti6.com/forum/showthread.php?id=156404


Can't tell you colour of in-tank pump wires. It's below the back seat on the driver side tho. You have to prise up the big plastic bung to access it. You can then check power & grounds. (4 pins - 2 for pump motor & 2 for fuel guage)

Why the GtI6 forum link is showing a pic of scantily clad young lady is anyone's guess!
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Thanks mighty306.

At the moment after reconnecting the battery it started ok but by placing my hand on top of the tank pump it felt a bit rough.

A few days ago on ign on the tank pump did sound a bit " rough and noisy ", a new sound
 I left it running at idle till normal running temp to help dry out the passenger footwell carpet. I left it running and went for a pannad ( cuppa ). On return the engine had stopped

Full tank of fuel so no problem there. Turned off, then ign on, pump not running ...non starter but cranks over fine.

ImmolilIser problem or pump failure ?

And ways thats Saturdays bag of sweets..

Passenger side carpet out ( hidden cut so easy to remove ) drying out. Next sound deadening out ( cut ) as that's soaking wet, and search for water ingress

Found bsi and connection under glove box, seems tank pump wire involved with that connection ?, which looks all good.

More fun to come as central locking going berserk, locks "Bouncing",  locking/opening by its self/ and deadlocking When not commanded to...

Haynes wiring diagram useless...
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there is no BSI on a 306, only a combined immobiliser and CL ecu for the RF central locking.

locks messing about is most likely damaged door wiring.

non running most likely failed lift pump especially if it was particularly noisy, however if the immobiliser thinks the car is locked it wont allow the pump to run.
need a part number? http://public.servicebox.peugeot.com/ and http://service.citroen.com/ will sort you out.
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Thanks welshpug....the unit is behind/below the hasard switcth ?

Next step is removing the sound deadening by cutting.

It's only the passenger side that's damp/soaked but it's close to the cl/immobiliser box, so humid in that area.

Fun this afternoon with door locks looking for faults.

I will be removing the "in driver's door loom"  to check for faults and post picture
of the loom connection, verdegree in the conical connection block, which cannot be helping.

I have been searching for a door loom repair kit with no luck, do will be getting 3 lengths of 7 core trailer cable to replace the loom from the pillar, and.that suspect cone connector block, the time had finally arrived.

Will also be checking power to tank pump and possibly fitting a tell tail light so I know when it's powered up.

What fun, but at least its not raining...yet.
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Brief update.

Carpet foam backing now dry.

With car battery disconnected, and tank pump unit motor wires known, using a slave battery connected to the pump motor, motor does not work, so safe to assume the pump motor has died.

Have new pump unit but not fitted yet. Autopsy  to come on pump motor.

Drivers door internal loom out, every wire traced and checked. I know where every internal loom wire comes from and goes to, but not necessarily its function, yet.

Thank god it's easy to take a door off and on, nice one Peugeot !

Door pillar loom wires marked and plug cut off. I know where each wire goes in the plug, and door.

Door loom plug mutalated by previously owner.

Not possible to fix the mutalated door plug and not found a " repair plug and wire kit".

Next is to gain better access to wires behind carpet to solder new wires to go into door.

Then, connect up to internal door loom.

Will remove drivers door lock and check internal moving contacts/switching.

The passenger door same side sounds " different" to all other locks, so there may be a problem in there.

All other door loom wires will be checked.

The struggle goes on...
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