Gearbox noise

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Gearbox noise

Couple months ago my Peugeot started making "grinding" noise from the gearbox, the noise gets louder and more high pitched when accelerating but it can also be heard when in neutral, when i press the clutch pedal the sound disappears. Both diff bearings and 1of the input shaft bearings were replaced the clutch was replaced as well including the release bearing. But sadly after the first couple of kilometers i started hearing the sound again at first it wasn't so loud but after around 50 kilometers it was loud as before, any idea what could the problem be ? I am suspecting the other input shaft bearing that wasn't replaced but the mechanic that checked them before replacing them told me the other bearing was fine.

This is the sound while driving -

This is with my phone under the gearbox while pressing and releasing the clutch pedal -

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Doesn't sound like a bearing issue to me but beyond that I don't have a clue!
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Why didn't the mechanic change ALL of the bearings? A full rebuild kit with all the bearings and seals you need is only about £150-180. Can't understand why a mechanic would want go through all that labour charges and not change them...

If the whining changes pitch with engine revs in any gear, it's definitely an input shaft bearing. The fact the noise goes away when you press the clutch pedal when stationary would strongly suggest this.

If the whining changes pitch with road speed, then it's on the final drive (output shaft) end.

Another possible, but rare, is not enough oil in the gearbox.
A moments silence please, for our brothers in the NAD-zone.
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