French mad Kiwi

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French mad Kiwi
    Hi all,
I've become a French car nut over the last 8 years since I bought a very nice 2000 306 XS phase 3.
It was supposed to be my sons car but he's too tall so it became mine.
It's a UK import with currently only 58k miles on it.
Since then I have also bought a Renault R25 GTX and a R21 TXI but my new project is a 97 306 Phase 2 which I have discovered has the N homologation tags in the boot.
This car was imported from Japan as a 306 Style with a XU7 JP4 engine.
This engine was removed by a previous owner who also removed all the wiring harness with the help of some wire cutters.  No, I'm not looking forward to 12 hours of soldering to fix that mistake.
I have now got a XU10J4RS and 6 speed box which will be slotted in once I have the wiring, roll cage, race seat and suspension sorted out.
Any suggestions on some go faster goodies that don't break the bank will be appreciated.
As a side note, through my work we do the 24 hours of LeMons race here in the Shakey Isles currently in a Renault R21 Turbo.   Pic of that added to show we're completely mad.
Thanks for letting me join and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Welcome to the club. Quite a collection of French cars you've got there. Looks like you have plenty of fun with them too! Nice one. Look forward to hearing a bit more about them in the future.  Cheers.
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