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Cambelt change on XU7JP4
Hi all,
I've started to change the cambelt on my 2000 306 XS but have struck a problem.
No matter how I try I can't get the new belt on.
I've changed over 20 cambelts in the past but this is my first Pug one.
I have the Haynes manual and have followed it to the letter but I just can't seem to get it to fit.
I have checked it with the old one and it is the correct size and triple checked the part number and it is correct.
I need to have it going for Monday morning so any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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Sorry, a bit late in the day now but hopefully these guides will help. I can't really understand why you might be struggling to get the cam belt to fit on. One possibility is that you have an auto tensioner on your car but have been supplied with a belt for the manual tensioner. The auto tensioner belt is 137 tooth & the manual is 136 tooth.

Here's a guide which may help, but it's for a manual tensioner. Still might help though.

.pdf   XU7JP4 & XU10J4R ENGINE TIMING.pdf (Size: 930.87 KB / Downloads: 0)

The timing procedure for the XU7JP4 & XU10J4R are the same. They changed the design of the cam pulleys in late 1997 and yours will have a single centre bolt to lock it to the camshaft.  The guide shows the older type with 3 smaller bolts locking the pulley to the camshaft. As part of the belt change you have to release the pulley from the camshaft whilst the camshaft is locked in place by a 6mm pin.  The pin & belt aren't man enough to take the force of the centre bolt either being undone or torqued back up so you need a special cam holding tool to stop it turning while you do that. Sounds like you're experinced so would know that bit already.

The guide also doesn't show a picture of the tool you need to rotate the cam belt tensioner (manual one, although yours might have an auto tensioner).  I made one using a piece door handle bar welded to a piece of flat bar!

There are various guides & posts on other sites (e.g. the 306gti6 website) detailing a cam belt change.  (The belt kits & process is the same on the GTi6, 16v XSi, & the 16v 1.8).
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