Hi there :)

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Hi there :)
Hi there Blush 

My name is Patrick, and I'm the proud owner of a Peugeot 205 XAD TURBO.
I'm doing a complete nut and bolt restoration.

I've tried to find information on the engine, a XUD7T with almost no luck and a fellow from a FACE group talked about you guys.

So, in the future, i'll asked around here for tips and upgrades. I've already searched this forum and found a few things, so if i re-post or asked a old question, I'm sorry!.

Hope that here, i finally have the answer that I seek  Itwasntme


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Welcome to the club. Ask away. I do have access to some Peugeot workshop manual info although I have very little knowledge & no direct experience with XUD engines. There are many other members who do & hopefully they're still checking in occasionally.
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