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Breaking: My dear 306 1.4 2000
Hi all,

Sorry for the single post but I just came back here as I had an account back in 2015 and lost access, and basically just want to ask fellow 306 enthusiasts.

Unfortunately I have to part with my silver 1.4, my first car, as its no longer feasible to run. Basically, because I love the thing, I'd hate to see it go to rot in a scrap yard due to its increasing scarcity, so I thought I'd come and ask other people who appreciate the 306. Now maybe you'll tell me there's no need, theres plenty still about and mine isn't worth the hassle of holinf on to to pass it on to someone rather than get rid of it asap, but I'll give the details anyway.

Silver 1.4 2000 meridian petrol ~110000 miles. The car body and interior is great condition, the main issue is the engine is burning oil, so will die at some point. Other than a few other niggling issue, it currently still runs well other than the clutch starting to slip, so I'm just making this post to ask if its worth looking for a new home for breaking or restoration or whatever for it or maybe there is really isn't a point for its condition and monetary value. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question and you may tell me I'm wasting my time, it will be fine in a scrap yard but I thought I'd come and as ask because of its sentimental value. Located in Manchester, and don't have anywhere to store it. Heres my old thread, but photos are gone unfortuantely:

Thought I had more photos but will get more if there is interest.
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Welcome Bach. Sorry to hear your beloved 306 has reached the end of the road. Good luck with finding a buyer.
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