New 306 Diesel Owner

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New 306 Diesel Owner
Hello, thanks for accepting my membership.
Last week, my very last customer from my Peugeot/Citroen garage that I ran until the early 2000s, unfortunately passed away I believe that he must've been the oldest Peugeot 306 driver in the UK, possibly the world? He was 96 and was driving up until the 2/4/21... 
I have known him since the mid 1990s and have done all of his repair work to his two 306 diesels. Both were XUD non-turbo. To my surprise, I have inherited his green, near-immaculate 5dr diesel 306. He bought it nearly new in the late 1990s. Other that the odd flat battery, heater plug, it has never - not once - failed to start or complete a journey in its 20-odd years...
A couple of years ago, we went mad and replaced every bit that had the slightest bit of age with mostly genuine nos parts. 
As I have a few cars: a mint XUD N/A Xantia diesel, an excellent BMW E36 Touring and my late father's K12 Micra, I am at a loss which to sell. I've just bought the 306 some new twin-tube rear KYB Shocks for a tenner each and a thermostat for less than two gbp. I will keep you updated with pics and more bits...
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Welcome to the club Tony & thanks for the lovely story of how you came by your 306.I owned a non-turbo XUD years ago. It was severely lacking in power ...took a half mile to overtake anything! Sounds like it's very solid tho so would make a great local run-around if you can bear to let one of your other cars go. Know a worthy recipient for one of them?
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