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Haynes "Max power" book...
Anybody remember (or own a copy of, c'mon we won't judge!) the Haynes book "Extreme Peugeot 306 ultimate guide to modifying"?

Our lad has just bought a rolling shell & turns out it's the same car that was the basis of their book and also spent 6-odd years on display in the Haynes Motor Museum.  I thought the MoT history was wierd, no history until '09 when it was tested and showing 20k. Then a gap and it was tested again in '13 I think with 995 miles somehow, then another gap and a test in about '18 with it back to something like 21k.

From what little I've looked into things, the shell could very well have under 25k on it as it appears to have been heavily modified early in it's life (possibly belonging to Peugeot Ecosse at some stage) and not really used on the road much.

The plan is/was to rip out the remaining tatty interior bits, stick some seats in it, ABS delete & repower with a mildly lairy 1.9TD.  Not sure now though, depending how well known the car is and what history we can dig up on it we might put it back closer to what it was originally. (Honestly it doesn't look super chavvy in the pics I've found, no lambo doors and M3 mirrors at least lol so reasonably tasteful mods IMO).

If anyone knows any more about the history of R580PVC, any previous owners, photos of the car from it's heyday etc we'd be really interested to know more, if only to help with the decision whether it gets derved or not!
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Nope, I personally haven't ever owned that particular Peugeot manual. Like keeping things pretty much stock myself. Interesting if you may have one of the cars that featured in it though.
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Same here, at least looks-wise lol but most of the chavved bits have been flogged off already so what we've got is basically a part-stripped standard 1.6 XS (basically the exact same model year and spec as the Bianca White car we have, but in Blaze Yellow) with lots of hacked off wiring and a K&N hot air intake direct-mounted to the throttle body & a set of 1000miglia wheels in undetermined condition.

Car's due to arrive shortly so will try and get a couple of photos, you know how that goes but i will honestly try!

Anyway, sounds like it's arrived be back shortly (edit- it hasn't arrived, it was the missus in the Xantia sounding like a truck lol)
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Car arrived just after editing the last post lol, and she's alive once more. The same issues as the white car really, missing positive battery terminal and a couple of bad earths.

Engine seems nice and quiet, although the wiring is pretty hacked up so will likely either keep the engine as spare for the white car/sell it and there's a nicely tuned Bosch-pump/front mount engine waiting to drop in along with a diesel instrument cluster and wiring loom.

We need to find a rear bumper & spray the Ph.1 bonnet/front bumper the right colour then fit the front end as most of it's missing, and sort some front seats. Other than that though not a lot that I can see as would stop us chucking it back on the road in fairly short order.
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Not got any of my own pics yet, here's the car when it was in it's glory back in the museum days...

edit- it's not letting me upload the jpg, ah well, Off to hunt out a couple of bits now
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