ph3 1.8 16v meridian - wont start, help

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ph3 1.8 16v meridian - wont start, help
hi, need some help with my 306 1.8 petrol. Its a phase 3, X reg. Been standing for a few years. Cranks but wont start. diag wont read properly. says vehicle not responding. fuel pump primes on ignition, dashboard works. rev counter movess a bit from zero while cranking. and can smell fuel when it cranks. not getting spark but look like there is some power to the coil harness plug. Peugeot main dealer recently programmed the key but also said something would scan properly. but the key programming was succesful. Any ideas??
really want to get it back on the road soon.
Any help appreciated
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It sounds like an odd one. If they were able to program a key then you would think there was good communication with the ECU & security module.

What are you using to try to connect to it / diagnose it. Only lexia 3 with Peugeot Planet will connect to a.306 of that age. If you are using PP then sounds like there's an intermittent connection issue. I'd check the condition of all the main connector plugs (ECU, dual relay behind ECU). Spray with electrical connector cleaner / lubricator & reinstall. Can't do any harm. Also worth checking for poor earth's.

No apark could also be a knackered.crank sensor so worth checking signal from it (if you have the means) or change it out. They're relatively inexpensive.

It's almost impossible to diagnose a car remotely. If the above doesn't sort it I'd suggest you sign up to an Autodata trial. It's only £10 for the first month. (Make sure you contact them before the trial expires, otherwise you'll be tied in to a pretty expensive annual subscription). During the trial you can download lots of wiring diagrams & diagnostic info for testing pinouts on ECU plugs etc. It'll give you at least a chance of chasing the issue down, providing you've got the skills/knowledge. 

Good luck!
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(10-03-2021, 08:47 AM)Mighty306 Wrote: hi, thanks for your reply. yes it really is puzzling us. will try new crankshaft sensor asap and try to find a good genuine / good brand coil pack. 

my main concern is why it wont communicate on diagnostics. i might end up buying pp2000 / lexia 3 just to try scan it, as cant find a member with the kit local to me. 

if the immobiliser is the issue, would that block the ecu from reading on diag? surely if was immobilised it wouldnt prime the fuel pump? or is that not the case on these 306's.

checked the double relay behind ecu, seems in order, connections look ok, but if i find a new one of those i might buy it in the next few days and try that.

thank you again for your advice, any and all help is much appreciated. really want this car up and running asap.
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