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New Member saying hello

Firstly apologies as I am not a 306 owner however I am a owner of a XUD9 TD which i have fitted into a Suzuki Jimny. My reason for joining this forum is to learn more about this great engine and to get some assistance with a number of niggles I am having. In return I will offer any help I can.

The engine I have wasn't pulled form an old 306 or even a Peugeot. It was an engine that Suzuki had used to marry up with a Suzuki SJ gearbox and put into a Suzuki Samurai. I retrieved it when this vehicle was in an accident and written off.

Since then I have rebuilt the top of the engine and replaced the pistons, here was the first difference I noticed from a stock XUD. the pistons I had have a cut away in the skirt. I can only assume this is to increase the oil splash on the cylinders as the engine is now in line rather than a transverse set up. I had to send the pistons away to be modified as I was unable to find anything off the shelf.

externally the engine doesn't have any of the cold start links to the cooling system which I think is a bit of a shame as there appears to be a number of electric connectors going to waste in the housing I'm guessing where the thermostat is housed. It looks like some sort of cap is missing from mine but I might be wrong.

It had the Lucas pump fitted which I now have changed for a Bosch pump which in turn allowed me to connect the vacuum pipe from the turbo to the diaphragm which was originally blanked off. I have also fitted Bosch injectors as I believe these operate at a higher PSI and match the pump better.

That all said I am having a lot of issues with starting and the engine cutting out. I think it might be air in the system but I am struggling to find the cause.

I would also like to check whether my pump and injectors are actually compatible with this engine so any part numbers would be appreciated.

I am situated in Sheffield

Anyway that's who I am and why I'm here. I look forward to speaking with some of you over time.
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Welcome to the club. I'm not very familiar with the 306 diesel engines unfortunately but hopefully someone will be along to help you out at some point. Cheers.
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