New member saying hello

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New member saying hello
My name’s Rob 
I’m on my 3rd 306 , this one a Portuguese registration 1.4 Atlantic Break , as estates are known in PT. 
Previously the happy owner of a super reliable 1.9 turbo diesel in my 20’s and a great fun XSi about ten years back. 
I’m now the owner of this 1.4 , which has received a lot of tlc from me , including a refurbed back axle . 
It’s blessed with almost no rust , due to the southern climes and lack of salt on the roads.
I’ve got a few ongoing issues with it , that I’d appreciate some advice on but for now this is just “Hello”
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Hi Rob. Welcome to the club. Luckily the 306's don't suffer as badly with rust as some cars but a rust-free ...yea, I'd take that.

I'm sure the community on here will do their best to help you with any questions you need answering. Cheers.
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