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Sealing interior door panel
When I first got my current daily the drivers door was leaking. It was because the cut-out's in the door behind the door card hadn't been sealed up.  (Don't know why someone had been in there).  Anyway, I sealed it up with some plastic sheet cut to size and fixed in place with hot glue. That seemed to work ...kind of. The problem certainly wasn't as bad but not solved either.

A few months ago the drivers window dropped and I had to repair the regulator mechanism. Because when I opened it all up again I discovered the hot glue hadn't held in place I decided to try some waterproof tape. That has now lifted and is letting in water too. The drivers carpet is now really quite wet n starting to smell pretty funky  Dodgy.

Anyone got ant suggestions re a product that will have some chance of finally sealing up these cutouts? Have searched online for a product specifically designed for the task but not found anything yet.

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Would you be able to share some pictures of this?
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This is my latest effort (done yesterday). I had some waterproof membrane from a building job on the house. It was initially stuck down with with double-sided carpet tape (very sticky stuff) and then taped round with high-tech & high adhesion building tape. Whether that holds up to the challenges of being constantly damp through the winter is anyone's guess. I think most of the water comes through where the speaker is installed. I'm still interested to find out what other people have had success with as I'm getting tired of failed experiments and having to re-do the same job multiple times!

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Hope that works for you.

I have seen people use adhesive floor underlay.
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Thanks for the tip. It rained heavily last night n so far the current solution seems to be working. Early days though. It's got to hold up to continuous damp.
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