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Hi there can anybody help i need a 2.0 8v petrol engine the engine code is XU1OJ2 It was fitted to early cabriolets automatics the st saloon and xsi models need complete with manifolds or would buy complete car if easier many thanks for reading Dave 07969326098
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Dammit thought we might have had the engine you needed until I re-read it's an 8v you're after Sad

We do have a 16v lump complete along with most of the engine loom, the appropriate ECU & matching transponder if you struggle to come up with the 8v at all.

Ah well, free bump for the post as if it needed it lol
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I'll bet he wants to turbo charge it. The 8v version has lower compression out of the box n a strong bottom end so is a better candidate for boost.
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its no stronger than the 16v, same crank and block.

I'd either rebuild the engine or put the 16v in.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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^ it's always worth listening to his advise.
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I'd still say stick with the XUD lol (as long as, not DHY block/you like living dangerously). Easier gains for less money, they're still capable of good numbers reliably if you put the time/effort in, lots of torque is always nice to have, options for cheap fuel plus you smell great after a tuning session (well, maybe I'm lucky on the last count. I love the smell of diesel and so does the missus haha)

Oh and no electronics to go wrong, if the mass EMP event ever comes or the sun flips it's poles the DT's will still be running round happily just stopping on the lever & bumping for a start (cold day? propane heater down the throat hole for a happy IDI).

sorry, went off on a post-apocalyptic tangent there but yeh, diesel!
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